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You may hate it, but you could love it!

Do you actually like going to the gym?

Most people don’t, but they can.

I once didn’t, now I do – and here’s how I did it:

Make Exercise A Habit:

You’ve got to remove the thinking element of exercise.

If you can make exercise a habit, then it becomes that much easier to go and get it done!

See It As A Challenge:

Your goal is to set a workout routine that is challenging, but achievable and not overwhelming.

Challenge is key to enjoyment.

set a challenge

Have Clear Defined Goals:

These are not just weight-loss or muscle gain goals, but fitness goals.

Go all out to beat your past records in steps completed, press-ups or bench press!

Fitness goals add gamification to the gym where you strive to beat your previous high-scores – and it’s fun!

Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone:

The gym is your place just as much as it is the giant bodybuilder or the super toned cardio beast!

Self-consciousness can be a big obstacle to enjoying your workout.

The key is to get used to it.

When you continue to do it you will begin to pay less notice of the people around you and more on what matters, your workout!

Mix It Up & Have Fun:

Never stick to the same routine for too long.

Spice it up and try different exercises and workouts.

And if you really find you don’t like lifting weights try different ways of working out such as running, sports, martial arts or dancing.

There is something for everyone!

If you assume that exercise has to involve lifting weights may limit you from finding something you would truly enjoy.

I, however, found I loved lifting weights!

Use It As Your Stress Relief:

The gym is certainly my way to relieve stress.

Some times I head to the gym if I’ve had frustrating day even if it isn’t on my schedule.

Exercising can be cathartic and release negative feelings if you get used to using it that way.

Then instead of avoiding the gym because of a stressful day, it will be your reason to go.

Use The Music:

Music is a superb way to enhance a workout.

Listening to your favourite songs or a motivational speech can put you into a super training zone.

music and exercise

Have A Short:

If you don’t have the time or motivation for an hour workout, just go for twenty or thirty minutes.

In actual fact short workouts can be better than longer ones if the intensity is higher and you become more focused as a result.

Give Yourself A Reward For Showing Up:

Many people think they should only reward themselves for losing weight or gaining muscle.

I totally disagree with this. You should reward showing up to the gym and exercising regularly.

Rewarding exercise will reinforce your commitment to it!

Keep A Log:

I have logged my workouts for many years and recommend you do the same.

Recording weight loss or muscle gain is a good idea, but because of the way your metabolism functions it becomes increasingly harder to make weight changes as you go to the gym more regularly.

But fitness improvements can, if you work on them, continue to rise.

Keep records of your strength, endurance and flexibility so you have benchmarks to work against.

Schedule The Time:

Never say you don’t have time to exercise.

Exercise improves your energy levels and mood which makes you more productive than any time lost.

Find your 30 minutes to an hour somewhere in the day and make it a none negotiable!

Where to find it?

Get up a bit earlier and go in the morning, schedule it right after work before you settle down for the day or do it in your lunch break.

There is always an option if you want it!

Once you make time and make it a habit, you’ll actually want to exercise instead of just feeling you have to!

Ian Worthington – Creator, Owner and Coach at

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