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Weight Loss Mistakes Made By Beginners….. Don’t Fall Into The Trap!

Much is made of the obesity epidemic sweeping our nation, but despite of this there is still much confusion and untruths when it comes to losing weight!

And this plays into many ‘Fad Experts’ hands as they exploit people’s misunderstandings and desperations to drop massive amounts of weight in very short timespans.

Whilst I certainly wouldn’t place all new diets, supplements and products in this bracket, the sad truth is many have very little proven evidence to support their bold claims.

The health, fitness and weight loss industry is absolutely huge in 2019, and unfortunately regulations with regard to the claims many of these companies make are very lapse.

The truth, as I’ve stated on numerous occasions, is that to lose weight you must consume fewer calories than you burn – simple as that!

And for all of you who think you can out-train a poor diet…its unlikely.

Completing regular high intensity workouts will only have a very minor impact on weight loss compared to an intense change in your diet.

That is why all the major mistakes beginners to weight loss make are related to diet rather than exercise!

So, without further a-do, let’s look at these mistakes…and put them right if you are making them!

1) Thinking natural sweeteners are better for weight loss:

Most people are now aware of the negatives of high-sugar diets, and have in-turn changed to alternative ways to sweeten their food! Switches to ‘natural sweeteners’ may in-fact be healthier and better for you, but will rarely produce the weight loss success you may be expecting.

When it comes to calories, there’s rarely much difference between a natural sweetener and a processed one!

The best way is to reduce the sugar you add to tea, coffee and foods until eventually you aren’t adding any!


2) Getting tricked by ‘healthy’ marketed products and snacks:

Snacking is perhaps the biggest hurdle people struggling to lose weight face.

Instead of cutting out snacking, or prepping whole-food snacks they know to be healthy, they opt to switch to perceived ‘healthy’ processed foods like muesli bars and anything with ‘protein’ in the name!

Unfortunately, many of these are often still very high in sugar.

3) Not taking into account alcohol consumption:

Perhaps the hardest thing for many to give up or reduce is alcohol. When you go on a crazy, or even not so crazy, night out it’s easy or convenient to forget about the nutritional impact those numerous drinks are having on your body!

Calories in alcoholic drinks are extremely high, so if you drink regularly throughout the week you are seriously making a dent in the calories you can consume to remain in a calorie deficit.

The same applies if you binge drink, as you could easily wipe out your calorie allowance for 1 or even 2 days if you have a skin-full of booze!

beer and alcohol consumption

4) Believing ‘salad’ equates to weight loss:

Most restaurants and food establishments have cottoned on that by added the word ‘salad’ to their menu they get the weight loss community eating with them.

However, many of these advertised salads are surprising when you check the amount of calories they contain, particularly if they are served with dressings or sauces.

And this isn’t just limited to restaurants and eateries – the supermarkets often also push ‘healthy salads’ with a ton of hidden calories!

As with any meal you purchase, don’t just assume it is low calorie – scrutinise the nutritional information provided in advance.


5) Not realising that fruit consumption can sometimes hinder your weight loss goals:

Some, but certainly not all,  people are aware that many fruit juices and drinks only contain a small percentage of actual fruit along with loads of sugar or sweeteners!

Again, food marketers are cunning, and know that by placing some fruit on an unhealthy option can suddenly make it ‘a healthy option’ in the eyes of the consumer.

Don’t fall into the trap. That strawberry cheesecake isn’t healthy and isn’t going to help your weight loss goals!


When it comes to losing weight the biggest problem most people have is that they don’t have the basic understanding of how the science behind  weight loss works.  And who can blame them with so many sources providing them massively differing information!

If you acknowledge and address any of the  mistakes above that you are making, I can guarantee it will make your weight loss journey a more successful one.

Ian David Worthington | Creator, Owner and Coach at


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