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The ‘Winning Approach’ Versus The ‘Panic Approach’…

I get these emails in my inbox or on my phone at least weekly…

…a panicked message or call that goes something like…

“Ian, it’s a special birthday in 3 weeks time and I need to drop 2 dress sizes by then!!!”

“GymWolfPT – I’ve signed up for a marathon, it’s in month and I’ve done less than NO training – HELP ME!”

“It’s my son’s wedding next month, and I need to lose 2 stone. Can you sort me out???”

“I’m going to Ibiza is a fortnight, and all my friends are in great shape. I need a body transformation – how do we make it happen Ian?”

Going to Ibiza

NOW – these are goals, and to the person they are no doubt very important goals! However, due to the time period, they are not possible – at least in a healthy, safe and sustainable way (and that’s the only way I operate at GymWolfPT!).

In addition, such short, intense and extreme goals are not good for the mind – they are stressful, consume you and ultimately end in you feeling rotten!

My aim is never to make clients feel horrible – its the complete opposite, I want them feeling amazing!

The unsexy and often scoffed at, but true, fact is…

“there is only one tried, tested and proven way to get lasting successful results – and that’s CONSISTENCY (doing the consistent right things over a lengthly period of time)!

That’s not to say we can’t get quick results, at GymWolfPT we do things in the most efficient way, but also in the RIGHT WAY!

And that RIGHT way gives you energy, builds your strength, character and confidence and leaves you feeling satisfied, happy and accomplished.


Small actions taken daily have MORE benefit on your health, fitness, energy (and just about anything in life!) than big actions taken occasionally.

PLEASE read that again – it’s a really important point!

The sort of thing I mean are things like:

  • Changing cordials and fizzy drinks to water most of the time…
  • Creating a ‘set’ bed-time and ‘get-up’ time to ensure you get 6-7 hours sleep…
  • Using a 30-minute workout three times a week rather than 90 minute workouts that see you quit when they get hard…
  • Preparing a healthy vegetable based afternoon snack rather than having biscuits or cakes…

When you are ‘consistently consistent’ the panic and ‘last minute’ mayhem doesn’t show up! You create a lifestyle that supports you, and your health & fitness – it’s a great feeling!

online personal training

The GymWolfPT 12-Week Online Body Transformation Programme provides a proven method that creates the habits and consistency needed, and in-turn leads to a healthy mind, body and life.

And it’s all done in a way that is totally sustainable, doesn’t leave you feeling like you are ‘missing out’, or unable to maintain your progress. It simple works!

Are you thinking as to whether you are a good fit for GymWolfPT? Let’s talk.

You can book a FREE fitness consultation >>>HERE<<<

Always on your side.

Ian | GymWolfPT

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