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The ‘Rights & Wrongs’ Of The January Fitness Journey!

Whilst I think commencing a new ‘fitness journey’ is great at the start of the year (or at any other point in the year for that matter!)…

…the key is that you give any such journey considerable thought in advance, and if you decide ‘it’s for you’, you are in it for long-term results rather than a ‘quick-fix’ or ‘fad few weeks!’.

There’s an awful lot of fitness, weight loss and ‘fear’ based marketing swirling around in January that makes me cringe! 🤯😫

Unfortunately I understand why such individuals and fitness companies employ such tactics, as after Christmas many of us are hit by the frustration of feeling tired, bloated and unhappy with the way we look and feel!

It’s common place for us to put our bodies through a fair amount of strain, stress and abuse over the festive period - right!? 🍺🥂🥳

This can be ‘turned around’ - but for most it doesn’t mean going down the route of extreme diets, vigorous unsustainable workouts and ‘cold turkey’ style regimes! 

The sad truth is most New Years Resolutions fail - and pretty damn quickly! 

The reason for this is that the ‘resolutions’ are massively removed and different from your routine and habits that you had BEFORE the festive period! 

The key is that you create a routine that works FOR YOU, one that you can stick to on the ‘easy weeks’, but more importantly on the inevitable ‘hard weeks’!

“For the new year I’m going to make small tweaks to improve weight, energy levels and health’

I know this isn’t as ‘catchy’ and ‘punchy’ as many of the fitness campaigns I’m seeing…

  “get 6-pack abs in 6 weeks with 6 minutes a day”
“28-day fat shredder diet”
“drop 2 dress sizes in 2 weeks challenge”

😆I know that ‘quick, fast and easy’ is what people would like - but as a serious, respected and passionate fitness professional, I’m not hear to ‘fool’ or ‘trick’ you - I’m here to help, coach, support and get you to your goal is the most efficient, proven, healthy and sustainable way! 

This is how I work - and I stand by it, because it WORKS! 

Have You Made A New Years Resolution/Set A Goal(s)?

Is it realistic?

Anyway - I totally forgot to wish you…”A Very Happy New Year!”


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