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The Physiques of Love Island!…And what to do if you want one!

I bumped into a hermit Eskimo the other day – he asked me if I knew whether Amber was still in the villa!

Unless you have been living in an underground cyber-attack prevention bunker you will have watched or heard of Love Island!

Whilst this program isn’t exactly my ‘cup of tea’ (silly expression as I don’t ever drink tea!), I must confess that I have endured an episode or three!!!

When watching the program it’s very easy to believe that these ‘contestants’ are genetically lucky ‘air heads’ who have stumbled onto the exotic island!

The truth, I expect, is much much different!

Building a social profile, toning a body, generating unshakable self confidence and getting onto a mainstream show ahead of thousands of applicants isn’t something likely to happen to people unless they are driven, hungry and have a plan!!

They have no doubt had life knock backs, challenges to face and self doubt like all of us!!

However, they are where they are, and they should be proud of getting there!

So, how have they got to where they are physique wise!?!

Well – here’s my two pence worth………………..


They are NOT genetic freaks who stay in shape by partying all the time and never working out!

They are models, a boxer, a scientist, and of course a personal trainer!!

Taking this into account it’s highly likely that they either have a good knowledge of health and fitness, or have a coach who keeps them in check!

They will workout hard, workout regularly and workout to a plan!

And this will continue for most while they are in the house!

love island cast physiques

2. SKIN:

There’s no doubting that a tan highlights your shape. Whilst their tans are being topped up on the island you’ll note that all entered looking bronzed!

Whilst skin health should always be paramount, and I’d certainly keep well away from sunbeds, there are many products now on the market that will give you a dazzling tan by safe means!

It’s no coincidence that bodybuilders and fitness model competitors are seemingly dipped in treacle before competing!

3. DIET:

It might seem like the contestants eat and drink what they like, but again, this will not be the case!!

Prior to entering the Island I suspect each will have been on a strict diet regime to get them looking their very best for the show!

They will have been working to macros, limiting process foods and mostly keeping in a daily calorie deficit!

And once on the island that all changes – right!??

Again, I very much doubt it! Whilst the show highlights will often focus on any alcohol drinking or luxury meals consumed – the house diet will be generally very good.

Plenty of water, fresh fruit and veg and healthy whole foods will be available. I also expect that there are plenty of supplements on hand!

And for those who don’t continue to eat healthy? Well, watch the change if they stay for a number of weeks!!

A good physique isn’t ruined overnight, but food and drink abuse will start to show after only a few weeks!


A big audience pull of programs like Love Island is having stunningly attractive people on with great physiques!

Therefore, it’s in the show producers interest to glam things up!

The lighting will be right, the styling will be on point and the filming will be scheduled to portray the most attractive points of each.

There will be an odd ‘natural’ clip added from time-to-time to gain audience relate-ability – but in the main it’s all high heels, plucked eyebrows and smouldering glances!!

Now, how long is it until 9pm!!!

As usual, any questions fire them over.

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Ian David Worthington
Creator, Owner and Coach at


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