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The ‘People I Admire’ Series: Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I’ll Be Back”, and I certainly am with my ‘People I Admire’ series! 

Today’s entry to the GymWolfPT ‘Hall Of Fame’ is an absolute giant of the fitness, movie, motivational and even political scene – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Growing up in Austria, Arnie’s childhood was rather abusive, with his father Gustav having little patience or understanding for his son – but that didn’t hold him back.

Arnold got into weight training at 14 and despite a stint in the military became the youngest Mr Universe winner in 1967 at just 20 years of age!

The following year he moved to America, where he won the Mr Olympia a then record 7 times and “overcame his Austrian accent and transcended the unlikely background of bodybuilding to become the biggest movie star in the world in the 1990s,” (LA Weekly). 

Despite a number of personal tragedies, including his brother Meinhard being killed in a drink driving crash in 1971, Arnie went on to become one of the most recognised men on the planet through his film roles in movies such as Conan, The Terminator and Predator. 

He became a naturalised American citizen in 1983, which eventually led to his political career as Governor of California. 


However, like us all, Arnie is not without flaws, and scandals in his personal and business dealings have been quite common. 

And whilst I certainly wouldn’t praise all of his actions, there is no doubt that Arnie has made the best of what is available to him right the way through his life.

He has had many doors slammed in his face, and been told ‘it’s impossible’, but has always returned and kicked that door down!

As a massive gym fan, Arnie’s youtube videos and motivational speeches have pushed me through many hard sessions and helped me get out that extra rep on numerous occasions!

That is why I admire Alan Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Who do you admire, and why? 

Be sure to tag in the person or persons you admire and give them that ‘virtual first pump’ they so richly deserve. 

Watch this space for the upcoming legends in my ‘People I Admire’ series.

Ian David Worthington

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