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The “People I Admire” Series: Alan Barratt

It’s far too late to call in the bomb disposal experts – this Grenade has well &  truly exploded!

At 44, Alan Barratt is the co-founder, CEO and drive behind the Grenade – a global phenom when it comes to health & fitness nutrition. 

Born not just in the same year, but the same month as me – I’d like to think I have some other similarities with Alan, but apart from my love of the gym & massive passion for ‘helping people get fit’ I’m not so sure I can boast to having many of his vast list of attributes.

After dropping out of school at 17, Alan has gone on to create a multi-million business in a fun, ground-breaking & sometimes just ‘damn crazy’ way.

carb killa

A quick search of the web will throw up his bright orange tanks, grenade shaped hot air balloons & a whole host of other gigantic props that have not just ‘put him on the map’ with a Google style ‘pin drop’, but blasted a huge crater on the world map!

Whilst I’ve followed the Grenade story from the beginning, with the uniquely packaged Grenade Thermo Detonator through to the current Carb-Killa bars that get added to my bill every time I go to a local shop or petrol station, Alan’s persona & great qualities have always shone through & remained consistent throughout. 

In the early days of Grenade, my path was lucky enough to cross with Alan’s when he had his athletes do some challenges on a fitness venture my brother, the super talented Phil Worthington , and I had founded called Konkura. 

It was clear then that Alan & his brand had a very bright orange future, although the levels achieved have been breath-taking.

grenade nutrition

But, what really stands out for me is that Alan is a ‘fair but tough’, ‘professional but fun’, ‘big time but has the time’ sort of person you rarely get in today’s stressed-out world of business.

He talks the talk, but also jogs the jog!

When you have the experience, finances and resources to be anything in this world – choosing to be a ‘good guy’ certainly gets my vote.

That is why I admire Alan Barratt. 

Who do you admire, and why? 

Be sure to tag in the person or persons you admire in the comments – and give them that ‘virtual first pump’ they so richly deserve. 

Watch this space for the upcoming legends in my ‘People I Admire’ series.

Ian David Worthington


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