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The Hangover: Part (G)One!

As a fitness professional you may think I’m completely ‘anti-alcohol’ – but that’s simply not the case!

When I’m working towards a photo-shoot, competition or specific physique goal I will usually tend to go ‘tee-total’ for a number of months – but that’s not all the time!

I confess that I do like to have a sociable drink now and then, and enjoy many of the feelings it brings!

However, one thing I don’t like are hangovers, and the ‘brain fog’ that usually accompanies them!

Banging headaches, dry mouth, dehydration, vomiting, lethargy as well as a number of other unglamorous symptoms, are all common when we over-indulge on alcohol!

So, how can we avoid hangovers, or at the very least manage the symptoms if we do find ourselves in such a situation?…

Obviously drinking sensibly and in moderation can eliminate ever having to deal with a hangover – and that certainly would be the best course of action!

However, it is possible to reduce and alleviate many of the symptoms that a night of drunkenness often brings.

What We Know…


Dehydration is a major factor in the hours prior to the onset of a hangover.

Therefore, it makes total sense to make sure you are consuming lots of water, especially around the times of alcohol consumption and prior to sleep.

Always have a large quantity of water next to your bed, and ideally drink water alongside your alcoholic beverages at the end of the night!

Vitamins B and C:

Overconsumption of alcohol often sees the person deficient in two main vitamins – B1 and B6!

This are often the main cause of the dreaded hangover headache!

Good sources of these vitamins include potatoes, fresh fruit and eggs – so ditch the KFC and get on these!!

vitamin c from fruit

Vitamin C is also good due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

A large glass of orange juice is often a good call as the natural sugar will also help address your ‘trembling’ body as well!


The mental alertness and boost provided by caffeine can temporarily offset some of the unwanted lethargy and procrastination that a hangover brings!

But, as sleep is also important, make sure you don’t overdo the coffee prior to bed!


I would have these as a last resort, as I am not a fan of things that simply ‘mask’ pain.

However, they can be taken to help with the headaches and eliminate other hangover symptoms such as vomiting.

What NOT to do!

I know many a person who believes the best way to address a hangover is with…MORE ALCOHOL!!

This is certainly not a good idea!

drinking more alcohol

The body has sent you a warning, so don’t completely ignore it!

By drinking more alcohol you may ‘mask’ the hangover symptoms – but you are simply delaying it! It will show back up – often in a worse form!

Final Thought:

Whilst a miracle cure for the hangover doesn’t exist, the aforementioned actions will certainly put you in a better position to handle your hangover!

In re-cap, if you do get a hangover I’d suggest:

  • stay very well hydrated
  • have a vitamin boost
  • get some sleep
  • have a coffee
  • take painkillers if the short-term pain gets to much!

Now comes my ‘teacher’ mode…

Hangovers show up for a reason – your body it signally that you have overdone the booze, basically poisoning yourself!

When drinking alcohol it’s always advisable to do so sensibly and in moderation!

Never drink on an empty stomach and be sure to be well hydrated by drinking water alongside the alcoholic beverages!

As usual, any questions fire them over.

Ian David Worthington
Creator, Owner and Coach at GymWolfPT

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