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The 30-Day Lifestyle Change Challenge is finally here…

My test group has spent the past month on the challenge, and the feedback has been truly humbling and magnificent.

It’s not been an easy challenge – nothing worthwhile ever is – but the benefits massively outweigh the effort needed.

This challenge WILL transform your life if you take action, ‘go all in’ and give it your very best shot.

Now it’s your turn

You can join The 30-Day Lifestyle Change Challenge today >>>HERE<<<

I have made this challenge great value by pricing it at only £30!

However, to sweeten it even further I want to offer all my GymWolfPT blog readers a further discount…

Use the discount code FOUNDER25 to receive a further 25% off this opening offer price!

This challenge really will have massive benefits to you – but don’t take my word for it – here’s what the test group are saying…

This challenge is absolutely for you if you want to…

➡️ build a daily routine that benefits you, your health and those around you

➡️ make positive e changes to your body, mindset and wellbeing

➡️ challenge yourself – push your limits, but in a fun and

➡️ put in a simple routine that will benefit you for life

What you’ll get with the challenge…

💥Full access to my purpose-built The 30-Day Lifestyle Change Challenge website for 50 days (if for any reason you fail you can start again!)

💥Full Access To The 30-Day Lifestyle Change Challenge Facebook Group where you are supported by like-minded individuals improving and bettering their lives like you.

💥The challenge involves an overall daily rules list which MUST be followed each and every day. However, in addition to these there is also an individual task or challenge each day – some small, some bigger – but all there to improve your life and open you up to new growth ideas.

Are you ready to join the challenge?  >>>JOIN HERE TODAY<<<

Don’t forget to your 25% discount with the code FOUNDER25

Also…if you have any friends, family or colleagues who would benefit from this challenge, please feel free to share it with them via the link

And…if your the company you own or work for would like it’s team to take the challenge as a group, please email and I’ll arrange the corporate discount.

Ian David Worthington |

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