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Simple Indoor Workouts When You Don’t Want To Go Out

Sometimes it can be difficult to leave the house, especially when it’s your day off or if you just feel like being a shut out that day.

Another reason could be the weather, maybe it’s too hot or too cold or maybe it’s raining and your favourite hike path is slippery and flooded.

Sure, you can just go to a gym but some people don’t have memberships and even if you do, it’s nice to be in your own home to workout from time to time, your own personal gym.

A plus side, it’s absolutely free.

Regardless of the reasons, there are still many effective ways to get a good workout in your own home.

Many people assume you can’t get a full proper workout in your living room or garage and that’s not true.

It takes a lot less than one might think to break a sweat and get a great workout.

Working out at home is also great because you don’t have to worry about people watching you, maybe even judging, you don’t need to worry about feeling embarrassed for taking a break mid workout due to exhaustion, it’s a worry free environment we call home.

Here are 5 types of exercises you can do at home that are guaranteed to give you a great workout.

1. Push Ups


Push ups are a great way to build upper body strength and build your triceps, pecs, and shoulders.

They are one of the most simple forms of exercise that anyone with even one arm can do.

A great thing about push ups is that they can be done virtually anywhere and requires no gym or workout equipment.

You can literally wake up, roll over and start doing them.

Doing 50-100 push-ups a day will train your upper body and increase your body’s tolerance of weight resistance.

A proper push-up requires one to keep their back straight so that is in a straight line with no back arch whatsoever, and then begin to push yourself up and down.

If you find that your feet slip, just place them against any wall in your house. Making a routine of this will undoubtedly show results in no time.

2. Squats

squat exercise

Squats are an easy exercise to perform that simultaneously workout major muscle groups.

They exercise almost every core, lower abdomen, and leg muscles.

Doing squats is another exercise that you can do anywhere with no equipment.

They burn fat, strengthen muscles, and helps your metabolism.

Doing as little as 50 squats per day will improve your health, the shape of your legs, and bum.

You’ll definitely notice you look different in those leggings.

In as little as a month with a regular squatting routine, you’ll notice that flight of stairs isn’t as exhausting as it used to be, or that walk from the office to the parking garage didn’t even phase you, or picking up that pen you dropped won’t make you grunt like you’re about to pick up a car.

Performing a proper squat requires your feet to be slightly placed wider that your hips, keeping chest upwards, shift your weight onto your heels as you go down, and you’ll have to make sure your thighs are parallel to the ground before you go back up.

3. Jump Rope

jump rope

You can pick up a jump rope for under £10 and find that it is one of the most rewarding exercises.

Ever wonder why boxers always do it?

It improves you coordination by having you focus on your feet.

It’s perfect for training yourself to be light on your feet, you aren’t paying attention but your mind knows that it has to time your feet to get over that rope every 2 seconds.

Jumping rope will increase your foot and ankle muscles preventing injuries.

You can jump rope almost anywhere and it can fit in your pocket or backpack.

It will burn calories than running.

Dedicating as little as 30 minutes a day to jumping rope will increase your endurance and will help keep your heart healthy.

Jumping rope produces a lot of sweat very quickly, so wear a comfortable and durable tank-top and some light bottoms.

4. Sit ups

sit-up exercise

Sit ups are yet another great exercise you can do literally anywhere.

It’s a simple and efficient core exercise that is very rewarding.

The term “sit up” is often confused with crunches but they are actually different exercises even though they have the same starting position.

Crunches require you to lift your shoulders and back in a faster rate but shorter stride.

Sit ups require one to lift their entire torso at a slower rate which in turn increases endurance.

Sit ups are known to be the workout responsible for 6 pack abs that everyone dreams of having.

Sit ups are a bodyweight exercise that improves stamina and strength.

They work out muscles in your legs, core, and back.

Sit ups also improve your balance and posture, there really is no downside to these, they can only help you.

5. Burpee

burpee exercise

Burpees burn fat as fast as they build muscle.

It is one of the most dreaded exercises but that’s because it’s good for you.

It’s a high intensity exercise that improves cardiovascular function, aerobic fitness, and blood sugar.

You’ll work your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs. It’s a great way to get in shape quickly if done daily.

Burpees also require no equipment so you can do them anywhere inside your home or wherever you feel comfortable.

To perform a burpee, start from standing position, drop into a squat with your hands on the ground in front of your feet, then kick your feet back behind you whilst keeping your arms extended so you are in a plank position, then kick your feet forward as you jump back up with your arms straight upwards above you.

It’s a rather simple exercise that will tire you quickly but will condition you to the max.

This guest article was written by GymWolfPT friend Kevin of BornTough.

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