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Set Fitness Plans & Programmes

Purchase a tried and tested fitness program to reach your fitness goal.

GymWolfPT set fitness programmes are the perfect low cost, one-off payment alternative to membership plans. There are a variety of tried and tested plans to help you reach your goal.

Set fitness programmes to help you reach your goal

A low cost alternative to fitness memberships

Choose a programme that fits YOU and YOUR requirements.

Digital fitness plans

Results driven set packages to meet your needs

Digital program booklet

Many of the GymWolfPT set programmes are accompanied by digital booklets which you can print, save and use forever.

App and website access

The majority of GymWolfPT Set Fitness Plans include full access to the GymWolfPT app and website.

These make it super easy to track your progress, both from a workout and eating perspective.

One off payment

No monthly subscriptions or fees, pay once and get full access to the programme.

All payments are easy to make and completely secure.

Tried and tested plans

All GymWolfPT fitness plans are created to generate maximum results in an enjoyable, sustainable and healthy way.

Only the very best programmes get through to the GymWolfPT ‘final cut’!

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