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GymWolfPT Elite Online Fitness Hub

Get unlimited access to the fastest growing online fitness hub and community.

With regularly updated exercise videos, workout plans, recipes and diet plans for any goal – you needn’t fork out a fortune to get into your dream shape.

Currently only £27 Lifetime Access!

Unlimited Access to diet plans, workouts, recipes and more!

All The Tools You Need To Get In Amazing Shape regardless of experience

Amazing new content added weekly, sometimes even daily!

What's included?

For A One-Off Payment Of Just £27 You Get Lifetime Standard Access To


Loads of gym and home-based workouts split into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Diet Plans

Specific diet plans taking into account your current bodyweight, gender, dietary requirements and goals.


Hundreds of healthy recipes split into breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks and also vegan, vegetarian, low carb, low fat, high protein, chicken and seafood.


Tons of health and fitness articles cover topics ranging from diabetes to intermittent fasting to muscle recovery to fat loss techniques.


From ebooks to cheat sheets to recipe books to workout blueprints, the Elite Online Fitness Hub is stacked with downloadable books, sheets and documents.


Competitions regularly added where Elite Fitness Hub members can win health and fitness related prizes.


Want to add a competitive element to your training? This is the perfect place to do that.

Facebook Community

Learn, motivate, help and make friends with like minded individuals in the fantastic private GymWolfPT Elite Facebook group.

How the GymWolfPT Elite works

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Is It For You?


I created it to exclude no-one!

Overweight? Underweight? Pregnant? Depressed? Busy? Bored? Want to tone? Want to compete? Disabled? Stressed? Young? Old? Experienced? A novice? Gym based? Home based? Motivated? Unmotivated?

The GymWolfPT Elite Online Fitness Hub discriminates against nobody, this is your Hub, and always will be!!!


Quick, Easy & Secure Sign-up

Sign-up takes less than a minute, and you get immediate full access to the GymWolfPT Elite.

And for ‘peace of mind’ I guarantee that… On joining the price stays the same for as long as you’re a member. No increases!

You can cancel anytime if for some reason you decide it is not for you!

As the GymWolfPT Elite Online Fitness Hub gets bigger and better, you will get more and more rewards and benefits.


Unlimited access

Whatever your goal or current fitness level, the GymWolfPT Elite Online Fitness Hub has it all – covering nutrition, lifestyle, motivation, challenges, workouts, mindset…& the best bit? Community!

There is also a private Facebook group, so you can share, learn & grow with like minded individuals all trying to be better!

Access GymWolfPT Elite anytime, any place, from any device!


The power is in your hands

You have the complete flexibility to choose what you do, & what you don’t, use!

“I just want a diet plan” – great, the hub has plenty of those

“I just want a challenge to do alongside my PT’s training” -superb, there are loads challenges in the club

“I want a new healthy recipe to try tonight” – no problem, just grab one

“I want the workouts, the nutrition, the mindset training, the motivation, the WORKS!” – it’s all here!

Not your standard online fitness hub

what makes the online fitness hub different?

Constantly updated content written by a true fitness professional

Created and run by a Fitness Professional with a passion and mission of helping as many people as possible gain the benefits of a fit, healthy and happy life.

Currently get lifetime standard access for a one-off payment of just £27!

Pay £27 once – and you get lifetime standard access (VIP upgrade available).

You’re more than just a number with the online get fit club

Most other Fitness Hubs and large organisations set up to take the maximum amount of money from people. The GymWolfPT Elite Online Fitness Hub is built around you – the user. We listen to all user feedback and suggestions to shape the content.

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Currently Just £27 Standard Lifetime
£27 per month usually £99
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What online PT clients have to say

Don't just take our word for it

Dave Bainbridge

The best PT in the area.

Day 1: weight 82.5kg and 21.0% body fat. Day 28: weight 78.0kg and 18.7% body fat.

Still some way for me to go but 4.5kg weight lose in 28days will do me just fine, my fitness has definitely improved and so too has my body shape all thanks to the amazing work done with the GymwolfPT.If you want to make a change to your life look no further and give GymwolfPT a call. You won’t regret it.

Tom Lemcke

Ian takes a very comprehensive approach to wellness and focuses not only on physical fitness, but on mental and emotional wellness as well; providing resources around sleep, meditation, diet, motivation and overall personal improvement. The approach is simple, no-nonsense and abolishes “fad” diet and workouts; instead teaching how to improve through discipline, hard work and sensible diet plans that just plain work. This is a true vocation for Ian, and not simply an occupation- these programs change lives. Keep up the fantastic work pal- you are making the world a better place!

Amanda Johnston

Ian has always been really helpful and supportive of my fitness journey. I am in his online coaching groups and am inspired and challenged daily by the content he shares. highly recommend his services

Jason Mistry

Ian, aka GymWolfPT, take such an interactive approach to fitness and provides an in-depth and personalised service which motivates and gets you to your goals! first class service from a stand-up guy.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a contract?

Whilst we are sure you will love the GymWolfPT Elite, you have the freedom to cancel at any time should you wish.

If you decide the GymWolfPT Elite isn’t for you, simply email me at stating the reason for your cancellation. Please allow up to 7 working days for the cancellation to take place, although it will usually be done immediately.

Can users request content to be added?

Absolutely! The GymWolfPT Elite Online Fitness Hub is a member driven club – so if you want to see it, I’ll go all out to deliver it!

I regularly ask for feedback via email and the private Facebook Community Group, through polls and other means.

As the owner and coach of GymWolfPT, I am the man to make it happen! So, if you want something adding or a specific topic covering, be sure to let me know.

I have a pt, am doing a boot-camp or am already on a training plan, is the hub going to benefit me?

It sure is! The GymWolfPT Elite Online Fitness Hub is a great addition to any situation, as well as being an amazing ‘stand-alone’ fitness solution. You have the total power to choose what you do, and what you don’t!

– ‘Just want a diet plan – go take it!’
– ‘Just want a challenge to use alongside your PT’s training – go grab it!’
– ‘Want a new recipe to try tonight – go cook it!’
– ‘Want the workouts, the nutrition, the mindset training, the motivation, the works – here, it’s all yours’

I’m not a gym member, does that matter?

Certainly not! GymWolfPT Elite caters for all people, no matter what their situation. Whilst the club is crammed full with gym-based workouts and exercises, it equally has a very large library of home-based workouts and exercises, aimed at all different experience levels.


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