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Corporate Fitness Plans

Healthy workers cost employers 56% less in lost productivity - Make your team work better.

Offer a life changing health and fitness plan to your team. Increase productivity, reduce lost work days and encourage teamwork and collaberation to increase your bottom line.

Offer your team a life changing fitness perk

Increase your bottom line with a healthier more productive team

Multiple corporate options available

Why offer a fitness perk?

Workplace wellness is more important than ever.

Reduce lost work days

Having a healthier team is proven to reduce absenteeism and lost work days by up to 80%.

Fitness Creates Less Stress

Being a regular exerciser helps people to exhilarate and to relax, and can also reduce anxiety, depression and dissipate stress.

Clinical studies have also shown that workers sleep better after exercise and are able to lower both their cholesterol and blood pressure levels by following a regular exercise plan.

Fitness encourages better work performance

Research illustrates that companies who have a corporate fitness programme retain their employees longer than companies that don’t.

Having satisfied, happy and healthy employees has also shown to bring benefits such as improved work performance and output.

Fitness encourages teamwork and friendship

Social support is a large component to any exercise or weight loss programme, and when your colleagues are on a programme together, it can boost each other’s efforts and help hold each other accountable.

Workers get to interact with each other in a setting separate from the stresses of work, and have conversations they may not have had otherwise in the standard work environment.

Flexible corporate plans


Set program personal training


Your employees weekly and monthly schedule will be planned in advance, so they’ll know exactly what days they need to train, and how to train on those days.

Every session has a clearly defined focus, but the training is balanced to be enjoyable as well as progressive.

Your workers will feel confident they are doing everything right and see the immediate difference a correct training structure makes.

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Custom Corporate Plans


At GymWolfPT we have a flexible, adaptive and ground breaking approach.

Therefore, we are keen to work with forward-thinking businesses and organisations to create custom plans and packages that will fulfil the needs of the employer and employee, to create a healthy workplace philosophy and environment.

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