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1-2-1 Personal Training in Preston

Be in the best shape of your life with the ultimate personal training in Preston

Whatever your health and fitness goal you will achieve it training with me! My ultimate goal is to take you to the results you want and deserve.

Reach your health, fitness, stregnth and training goals

Be motivated, inspired, and educated by an experienced personal trainer

Providing the highest quality coaching to Preston & surrounding areas.

Training built around you

Why gymwolfpt 1-2-1 training is different

More value for money than regular 1-2-1 personal training

You’ll never see me put you on a treadmill! No doubt someone reading this will complain about the effectiveness of cardio on a treadmill. All true, but if you see a trainer standing next to a client who’s jogging on a treadmill while paying for the time, then the client is being ripped off – full-stop! On average I get two hours a week with my clients, so my focus is always on quality work and making every single minute count!

A professional but human service

I provide a professional but human service! Sadly very few personal trainers think about their clients other than the single hour that they’re with them in the gym. I believe being a great coach means being invested in my client’s progress and that necessitates a whole array of lifestyle changes, all of which need a mix of support, encouragement and sometimes even a little ‘kick up the ass!”

I live the life I encourage you to live

I live the life – I’m part motivator, part movement specialist, part nutritionist and part inspiration. You can look at me and know that I walk my talk! My physique, energy and attitude reflects a life well lived and bear the fruits of an effective exercise regime beyond all measure of doubt.

How 1-2-1 Training Works

The GymWolfPT 1-2-1 Training Process


We start with a relaxed chat

To create the perfect training for you, I first need to establish:

  • Where you are currently at ‘fitness wise’
  • Where you want to get to (your goal)
  • What your current schedule, commitments, injuries and training experience are 

We can determine this via a phone call, an email or with an initial gym session – whatever suits you is what we will do.

The best plan is always the one that works best for YOU! We will find this together, and work around any issues or problems we may encounter.


I tailor a fitness plan that works for you

Once I know what you want, I will tailor a progressive fitness plan that will start us on the journey to achieving your goals.

We are all unique! We have different things we like and dislike, different strengths and weaknesses, different wants and desires!

I will push you, but I will push you where you want to go, in a way you want to be pushed!

I can also review your current eating habits should you like, and provide a tailored nutritional plan, help and advice.


We train at times and dates suitable to you and your schedule

As a busy father of 3 I realise that time is precious, and commitments can mean that finding a time to train is often difficult.

I always strive to work alongside my clients in finding training times that fit best with them.

Want a very early morning session? No problem!

Want an evening session? We’ll sort it!

Want a daytime session? You’ve got it!

Want a weekend session? Superb, have it!


CELEBRATE! You achieve your life changing fitness goals

You joined my training to get results, & results you will most certainly get!

And the greatest part!? You will have done it in a healthy, fun & life-changing way!

You won’t have taken magic pills, eaten meals from a packet 5 times a day, or starved your body!

AND, you will now have all the tools, knowledge & confidence to sustain your amazing new body and life.

Preston's most equipped gym

Hundreds of pieces of fitness equipment

The gym is packed with everything you need to succeed. Featuring over 300 pieces of state of the art gym equipment such as strength equipment & free weights by Gym Gear, cardio machines by Life Fitness and much more!

Functional training and cardio equpment

The gym is stacked with Functional Training equipment available in a number of different forms, encouraging optimised training for a wide range of aspirations and goals while improving everyday wellness.

From the Prowler Sledges to the Tyre Flip Machine, it has it all.

located on the outskirts of Preston

Roman Way, Longridge Rd Unit 72a

What 1-2-1 training clients say

Don't just take my word for it

Marie Pickering

I have been training with Ian for some time. Some pt sessions and the online training. He puts in the time and a lot effort to provide you with a program tailored to your individual needs. I am thinner fitter and more confident because of him. Cant get to a gym but I am still working hard and making progress during this lockdown with an online program. Mentally he keeps me motivated and positive He is a very inspirational and dedicated trainer. I wouldn’t hesitate to totally recommend him.

Peter Gwin

I followed Ians work for quite a while before I took the plunge. He stood out for his knowledge, success and approach. I have not regretted it… Ian has been great with support and ideas as well as diet and workout plans. Ian constantly reviews your progress and plans next steps and understands that you have a life to live outside of the gym. Perfect blend.

Donna Lawson

Since joining the training I have felt so much better and can see results. It’s an amazing service and does keep you on your toes. I was going to the gym not really knowing if the training I was doing was right, but this has shown me determination knowing you have someone pushing you and helping you all the way makes you feel determined. I highly recommend GymWolfPT

Sam Leeming

I’ve been working with Ian from around April now, and he’s brilliant. Ian gives you the support, advice, tools and mindset to achieve your goals. Ian’s always on hand to offer support advice, motivation and help you with any problems. You can generally see Ian wants you to Achieve. I’ve never had a PT before Ian and after working with him he’s the only one I’d use. I love working with him and long may it continue!
GymwolfPT best about!!

Frequently asked questions

Is there a contract?

You can purchase individual 1-hour sessions as well as making block bookings for a number of weeks or months.

I want my personal training to be as flexible as possible, and realise that it not always feasible to sign-up for to 3, 6 or 12 month plans. What works for you, works for me.

How long is each session?

My standard sessions last 1-hour, although custom length sessions can be discussed and arranged.

But, please be assured, I’m not a ‘clock watching’ style PT – I work my clients hard, and if the session overruns a little it’s certainly not a problem to me!

I've never gym trained before is this for me?

It sure is! I completely tailor my sessions to the individual, their experience and their goals.

Whether you are a complete gym or workout novice, or an experienced athlete, my training will take you up through the levels you want to reach and surpass.

I will push you, but in a fun, friendly and encouraging way. I need you to succeed, but I also want you to enjoy the process of succeeding!

I'm not a gym member, does that matter?

Most certainly not! My 1-2-1 prices include access to the gym whilst the training takes place.

Your training can also be supplemented by an additional home workout plan which works alongside your 1-2-1 coached sessions.


Ready to join the pack?

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