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Reprogramme Your Mind…

What game are you playing? – to win or lose, get better or stay the same, struggle or succeed?

Whichever game you wholeheartedly choose, you will most certainly win.

However, first of all you need to complete a series of tasks…

Define Your Why:

Can’t stay motivated to reach your goals? Why do you really want to do it?

Your why keeps you going through the good times and especially the bad.

Ask yourself why you really want to do this. Dig deep, really deep!

“I want to lose weight” is not what you REALLY want.

Think again, it’s a gateway to what you really want – Happiness, Health, Energy, Enthusiasm…

Take Action When You Don’t Want To:

YOU keep yourself where you are by the way YOU think. Is it time to transform and level-up your thinking?

When you don’t want to do something is the absolute time when you should do it!

  • Do it to show yourself you can.
  • Do it so it doesn’t take up any more of your brain space.
  • Do it to go outside your comfort zone.
  • Do it because others think you can’t.
  • Do it because it’s a step closer to your goals.
  • BUT, most of all, do it so it’s done!


Drop The Limiting Beliefs:

You are not ‘fat’, you have fat – and some of us have more than we need.

What do you believe about yourself? Your beliefs either limit you or lift you up. Be careful what you believe.

Today is a new day, a chance to do something different. Another opportunity to create the life you want. What will it be?

Stop being mean to you. When everyone else is gone you will still be there. Be your own best friend, you deserve it!

Never ever stop chasing your dreams, never let up!

The Power of Less:

Transforming one new habit at a time gives you an 80% chance of being successful. Add one more habit and your success rate drops to 20%.

Focus on one habit change at a time!

the power of less

The Weekend Mindset:

What are your weekend fitness goals? Don’t let the weekend get away from you. Plan and commit today!

The Progress Stopper:

What stops you doing the things you know you should do?

Fear, time, money, lack of confidence, bad previous experiences?

All great reasons why you don’t have what you want – right!?

Did you know reasons are not real? So tell me again, what is stopping you?

Taking action and staying in action is how you play on the football pitch of life. Time to get on the pitch and stop watching from the stands.

Commitment Not Wishes:

What are you committed to? Not a wish or a hope, but a commitment to get it done no matter what.

Stop trying and start doing! See how powerful you become!!

Write It Down:

Here’s a challenge for you.

Decide on your top 3 priorities in your life. Write down your schedule for the next 3 days.

  • Does it match up?
  • What do you need to change?
  • What does your schedule say about you?

A schedule never lies! Stop settling!! What are you putting up with that you need to stop?!!

record it

Analyse Your Challenges, And Take Positive Steps To Address Them:

We have days, weeks or even months that challenge us. During these times is when our true character is revealed.

Ask yourself, is this what I want?

Your choices move you closer or farther away from what you want. Choose wisely!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone:

“You must do what you’ve never done to get what you’ve never had.”

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Do you follow your intuition? Do you listen to your heart? Sometimes our heart knows better than our mind, listen to it.

Change is healthy, it’s what keeps us alive and makes life interesting.

  • What do you believe?
  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do you believe you deserve the best?
  • Do you believe you are worth it?
  • Do some soul searching and discover what you believe.

What you believe you will achieve.

As always, any questions fire them over.

Ian Worthington

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