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Regular Exercise Will Give You……

…..more gifts than a generous Santa Claus!!!

At GymWolfPT I strive to help you become the most amazing version of yourself, and achieve all your fitness goals.

However, the key to making the progress you want is to get up off the sofa and put the work in DAILY – do the exercises whether it be at the gym, at home, outdoors, at the office, during your lunch break or in the hotel………

And why should you exercise!? Well, here are some smashing reasons why…

1. It’s The Ultimate Stress Buster: We all have stress in our lives, but exercising does not add to this! In fact, a good workout invigorates your muscles, leaving you feeling more relaxed, less stressed and energised.

2. You’ll Burn Calories, And Fat: Excess body fat is takes the form of stored and unused calories. Hit this ‘excess’ where it hurts by burning lots of calories with fat-busting workouts.

3. You’ll Unhinge Your Binges: An often unknown power of exercise is that is has an anti-binge effect on your body. By exercising you increase your sensitivity to the protein based hormone Leptin, which in turn has an appetite-taming effect.

4. Your Confidence Will Grow: As your health and fitness rises, so does your confidence!

5. You Will Get Stronger: In every day life there are many tasks that require muscle strength and endurance. By exercising consistently you’ll improve your strength and endurance, and tasks which previously seemed difficult will become easier.

6. It Will Be Fun: Approach exercise with the right mindset and it will be extremely enjoyable. Can you remember when you was a child and how much fun it was to run around everywhere? Re-create this and unleash your inner child!

7. You Will Reduce Your Blood Pressure: Exercise is the most effective method of reducing high blood pressure and returning it to normal levels.

8. You Will Sleep Better: Exercise is a super powerful sleep aid. When your muscles are tired it encourages your body and mind to quickly fall asleep so that they can get cracking on the repair job – your recovery and growth.

9. You’ll Feel Happier: Intense exercise releases natural endorphins into the blood stream. These ‘happy hormones’ reduce pain and anxiety.

10. Your Body Composition Will Change And Improve: It’s commonly accepted that maintaining a healthy Body Composition is key in disease prevention. And guess what – exercise, alongside a healthy balanced diet, is the very best way to keep your Body Composition where it should be!

11. You Will Reduce The Risk Of Getting Diabetes: There has been much research conducted in this area, and it has been shown that by exercising as little as 30 minutes each day can massively reduce your risk of diabetes.

12. You Will Look And Feel Amazing: Are you currently happy with the shape, look and size of your body? By exercising regularly your physique will begin to change. With the right plan and commitment you can see you body start to change within a few weeks!

13. You Will Be At Less Risk Of Heart Disease: When you workout regularly you are strengthening your one and only heart, making it more resilient and resistant to disease.

14. Clothes Will Fit You Better: By exercising you will tone and tighten your body, as a result your clothes will not just fit better, but also look and feel better.

15. You’ll Address Your Problem Body Parts: Regular exercise will tighten flabby waists, pull in jiggly arms and tone wobbly legs. Say goodbye to the body parts you hate and replace them with a version you are proud to show off!

You can do this……and my GymwolfPT Online Personal Training & Online Get Fit Club is here to help you all the way!

As usual, any questions fire them over.

Ian David Worthington

Creator, Owner and Coach at

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