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The 31 Day Miracle – Extreme Body Transformation

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This 31-Day Programme is aimed at experienced exercisers looking to dramatically transform their physique, quickly.

The programme takes into account Mindset as well as the Exercise and Nutrition sides.

Extreme body transformation programme. Includes digital program booklet, app and website access.

  • Are You Wanting A Dramatic Body Transformation In a Short Period Of Time?
  • Are You Willing To Commit 31 Days To Working Out Extremely Hard, Eating Disciplined & Changing Your Life For The Better?
  • Are You Ready To Finally Be What You’ve Always Wanted To Be?

What’s included?

  • All The Tools You Need To Get In Amazing Shape In Just 31 Days! – You get the mindset plan, the workout plan and the diet plan!
  • Step By Step Instructions! – Each and every one of the 31 days you will be told EXACTLY what to do. No guessing, no ‘half-assing it’, no ‘maybe’s’ – you will have the exact blueprint needed to transform your body like never before!
  • Delivered Via The GymWolfPT Website, App & Accompanied By The Official 31-Day Miracle Ebook!
  • By Taking Part In The 31-Day Miracle You Are Officially Part Of My Team! – I don’t let my ‘team’ down – and I am not going to let you fail, I give you my word!
  • You Will Get In The Very Best Shape Of Your Life Under My Guidance – I will not rest until we make it happen! Again, all I ask is you give this 31-day program your full commitment and put in the work required to convert your dreams into reality! It will be hard, but hard work diminishes into a distant memory when the amazing results arrive!


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