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Making The RIGHT Choice

As a fitness professional I massively believe in the benefits coaching brings – but making the right choice can also bring its own drama!

There are many great, scratch that, amazing coaches out there…BUT…like with anything there are also the complete opposites as well!

If you want my ‘10 cents worth’ on what to look for when taking on a Coach, here are my 3 major tips;

1. A ‘Simple To Follow Fit For Purpose’ Plan:

For most people their fitness plan isn’t the ‘centre of their universe’ – hence it should be clear, easy to follow & make sense.

I see to many coaches trying to ‘dazzle’ their clients with the science of every muscle group, the workings of ATP, RPEE, LISS…etc

REALITY: Very few are interested – they want to get the results they want as quickly as possible in a healthy manner & fit it around their REAL life schedule!

fitness plan

Now, this isn’t a ‘one fits all’ – & when training elite level athletes your coach should go deeper, but remember… “as coaches we work for the client and THEIR goals, not the other way around!”

Likewise – don’t confuse ‘simple’ with ‘easy’!

To get the results you want, you have to put in the work in – any coach telling you otherwise should be avoided like the plague!

2. An Enjoyable Plan:

I see it all the time from coaches “you have to do deadlifts to get the results you want!” – “you must do X, Y, Z whilst standing on one leg humming the national anthem – there’s no other way!”

Wrong! You have to work hard – but there are many variations that can be implemented to achieve your goal!

Deadlifts are great – but if you really don’t like deadlifts to the point you don’t like your workout as a result – then they shouldn’t be on your plan!

fitness programme

The ‘perfect plan’ is not the perfect plan if you hate it – and your coach must accept this, & adapt things!

3. Credibility/Proof Of Results:

Your coach MUST have proven results (I know this is hard for coaches starting out, hence the ‘free’ groundwork they need to put in at the start) and they MUST lead by example!

Let’s break that down…

Most people wouldn’t go to a restaurant with poor or no reviews, let alone a holiday or similar. Now, your health & fitness is more important than those – right!?

coaching reputation

Despite having coached over 1,000 people in the last 3 years – I am not a coach who pushes clients into photos, posts etc – as I know the majority of my clients are private and this journey is theirs!

However, I do always have the reviews to back-up my status as one of the Worlds top online coaches.

At GymWolfPT I provide my clients all three of the above, combined into a simple, enjoyable plan proven to get the results YOU want!

➡️ If this is what you need right now, send me a message and let’s talk 👍


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