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Is Your Work/Business Success Causing Poor Fitness & Health Distress?

When it comes to your job, career or business, you may be ‘hitting’ all the right moves…

You may be sealing the deals, smashing the targets and be seen as the ‘golden girl or boy’ in your specific field or industry…

And as a result of your amazingness you may very well be stacking up the promotions, building your business at a rapid rate or seeing your salary shoot upwards.

It’s all wonderful – right!?

Maybe – BUT…

Are you taking care of the ‘vehicle’ that is taking you to all these great places?

Are you keeping that ‘lifelong automobile’ well oiled, serviced and running at its most efficient?

Unfortunately, most of the busy professionals and business people I meet would have to answer a very big resounding NO to such questions!

Last week I had the privilege of meeting up with a very successful business owner, and after our official duties where done we had a really honest and inciteful chat about his career, progression and overall lifestyle changes.

Here’s the main stand-out of what he told me…

“The business is going great Ian, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to reap the rewards of what I’ve built. I used to be in great shape when I was doing manual work in my younger years, but I’d now struggle to run down the street! It’s meetings with cakes and biscuits, wine and dine after work – my mind is in constant use, but my body is basically redundant in the role I have in my company. I’m 51 years of age and have type 2 diabetes and feel like crap most days!”

Does this sound familiar???

You know it doesn’t have to be this way – don’t you?

All to often we make the wrong things a priority, yet won’t assign any time, money or effort in the areas which will ALWAYS pay the highest dividends for ourselves and those around us.

Right – that’s my rant over – now let’s look at why business success often brings about poor fitness/unwanted weight gain, and let’s start putting this travesty right!

a) Meeting Snacks & Lunch/Dinner Invitations:

When we ‘eat out’ it’s a proven fact that on average we consume more calories than when eating at home.

And guess what…the more successful you become in your career or business, the more meetings, lunch and dinner invites you will get!

“Why shouldn’t I have that bottle of wine? – I’m the boss!”

“Why shouldn’t I have that juicy fillet steak with peppercorn sauce? – I’m smashing this job!”

You may have a point – but, over-time, you will start to have a larger amount of body fat if you don’t account for these extra calories!

after work drinks

b) Moving From A Manual to Sedentary Role:

As careers progress they often become less manual and more sedentary – which is great, yeh?

Well sitting down all day might seem ideal when you’ve spent years ‘running around on the shop-floor’, but your metabolism won’t be celebrating with you!

On average you expect to burn an extra 40-60 calories per day from standing up to sitting down.

Whilst this might not sound a lot, multiple it for a month or year, and the weight gain will certainly stack up!

at the office

c) Work Becomes The MAIN Priority:

As we climb the career ladder ‘staying late’ becomes the norm rather than the exception.

You may have the post work gym session thought, but it’s not a priority when you have that report to finish or that customer you need to call.

Eventually, over time, that workout thought disappears until it isn’t even an option.

Work is what pays the bills, what keeps you fed and what keeps that expensive Fitness Tracker on your wrist that makes you feel fitter without actually doing anything!

There are many easy ways which you can add POUNDS to your bank account without adding POUNDS to body!

  • Keep to a calorie controlled eating schedule each week. By keeping in a regular daily calorie deficit you will avoid the unwanted weight gain associated with career progression. And if you do over-step the calorie mark on certain days don’t wave the white flag! Simply put it right the next day with a large calorie deficit which will balance out the over-indulgence of the previous day.
  • Stay well hydrated each and every day. By drinking 2.5-5 litres of water each day you will lubricate your body, reduce the likeliness of over-eating and give your body an essential ingredient it needs!
  • Be active EVERY day. That doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym each day, but it does mean you should be actively looking to be active in all you do. Take the stairs instead of the lift, park your car at the far end of the car park, do an office workout or go for a walk at lunch. Just like the small negatives add up to big problems over time, the small positives add up to big successes over time!
  • Plan it in and stick to it! If you say you are going to the gym after work make it an appointment rather than an option! Once we see it as none negotiable it will not be missed!

flipping tyres

And How Can I Help?

If you are a busy professional person who’s seen the result of your success bring unwanted body fat and general poor health and fitness, please feel free to get in touch with the GymWolfPT Team.

I specialise in helping and guiding successful people become healthier, more efficient/productive and have extra energy.

I coach both ‘in person’ and online fitness programs which are tailored perfectly to even the busiest and time challenged business people.

Contact me today at

Ian David Worthington | GymWolfPT

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