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Is Your Diet Destined To Fail!?…and how to make sure it doesn’t!

Despite all the new gyms, fitness products and services now available, as a nation we’re getting fatter and fatter!

Some will say this is because of ‘this or that’, and some will deny it – but it is truly the case.

At this time we know more about metabolism, what causes obesity, how best to train for fat/weight loss than ever before in history – but we are still getting fatter as a nation.


Well , there are no shortage of diets out there now – I hear of a new one nearly every week!

There are loads of ‘fitness experts’ spouting all sorts of magic formulas and solutions.

They more often than not have a product to sell, and usually don’t use it themselves!

Everyone loves the alternative to hard work and commitment!

Some see it as fashionable to say they are on Weight Watchers, the Atkins diet, Joe Wicks BodyCoach plan etc.

I’m not knocking these as if they work for you that’s great – but for the majority they don’t and I’ll go into why!

The truth is that the main part of a diet to lose weight is creating a calorie deficit – is not fashionable, but it works.

I’ve tried many of the fads – did it make me better off than where I’m at now? The answer is no.

I’m in complete control of my weight, I can move up or down at will, and feel perfectly comfortable doing so.

Currently, I’m about 1 stone over my natural bodyweight – but I’m comfortable with that.

I can lose this within 4-6 weeks if I so desire or require.

Whilst this may not be what many of you want to hear from a personal trainer, it’s the case that in the long term most diets fail!

Those that diet usually put at least a third of the weight back on in the first year, and often all of it plus some additional within five years!

The reasons why they fail are often numerous, but the biggest reason is that most diets are unsustainable in the long term!

Think logically about the following:

  • Will you keep off carbs forever?
  • Will you never eat biscuits, sweets and chocolate again?
  • No more takeaways – ever?
  • Are you staying off alcohol forever?
  • Will you always fast three times a week?

And what do you think happens when you fall off the diet and stop following the rigid rules?

You put the weight back on, and most of the time more on top!

Sorry for what seems like negativity, but I tell it like it is – but also offer solutions.

The answer – create a sustainable diet!

Below are methods for ensuring that your diet is sustainable and works for you:

1) Make sure it’s not so rigid you’re setting yourself up to fail.

You are not a prisoner so let’s not treat you like one.

Unless you are on a short term specific diet for a competition, set goal or challenge it can’t be to rigid.

For example – you get invited to a party. Imagine the scenario:

Friend: “Pal, let’s have a few drinks out tonight?”
You: “Sorry mate. I’m on a strict diet which allows no alcohol”
Friend: “Just have the one then?”
You: “Go on then, just the one”

So you go out, good intentions – but the night takes over.

The one drink turned into six, and the kebab with chilli sauce some how jumped inside of you!

The problem with a very rigid diet is that when you open yourself up to a tiny un-allowed deviation it can open up an eating and drinking joyride!

2) Don’t narrow down your food choices so there is no scope for an enjoyable diet.

If you are counting your calories then you can actually make some room for the foods you love.

This can mean burgers, donuts alcohol, biscuits, alcohol etc can all be included in your diet without you failing!

By doing this you will be controlled and not let the floodgates open like if you think you’ve cheated on your diet.

Limiting your food choices is a certain way to get you craving the foods you’ve eliminated.

Moderation and keeping in your calorie band is the key!

junk food

3) Have the diet fit your lifestyle – not your lifestyle fit the diet!

If your planning to cook delicious, healthy and fresh food all from scratch on a daily basis that’s superb.

However if you have a family, a busy job, commitments and a real life, then you can bet you aren’t going to stick to this for very long!

Advance meal prep and organisation are often key here – set yourself up to win.

Eat a diet that is convenient and suits your lifestyle!

This can be done healthily!

4) Give yourself options and a margin for error!

So, you’ve determined you need 2200 calories per day to keep your weight the same.

That’s 15400 calories per week. However, it’s Saturday, it’s been a hard week and your friend brings over a tasty curry with all the trimmings!

This push’s you up to 3000 calories for the day!

Oh no – everything is now ruined! NO IT IS NOT!

Simply make some cut backs over the next few days to even out your weekly calorie intake and you’ll be fine.

It could be a case of skipping a meal or reducing your portions sizes at tea for the week.

Make it work, don’t make it fail.

You do this by understanding how to get back on track easily and simply when the inevitable falls come.

Sustainability is absolutely key to nutrition/diet, but also applies to other aspects of health and fitness!

Your exercise plan must also be sustainable.

For example a person hasn’t gym trained for over a year, but wants to get back into it!

He’s planning to start back with 6 sessions a week to make up for ‘Lost time’.

What do you think the likelihood of him sticking to this is?

I’d suggest it’s slim to zero, and slim just left town!

He would be much better starting with 3 to 4 sessions per week, and build from there.

Returning back with 6 sessions a week is a major lifestyle change which will most likely result in him giving up the training all over again.

Whatever your goals make sure your plan is sustainable to begin with.

As usual if you have a question, ask away, it would be my pleasure to help you.

Ian David Worthington
Creator, Owner and Coach at GymWolfPT


And How Can I Help?

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I specialise in helping and guiding successful people become healthier, more efficient/productive and have extra energy.

I coach both ‘in person’ and online fitness programs which are tailored perfectly to even the busiest and time challenged business people.
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