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Is It Results You Are After?

The testimonials I have received this year have been truly amazing – and they mean soo much to me as I know they are from clients who have put the work in and got the great results they deserve.

Now, human nature is often such that we look at things and find the excuses and issues, and convince ourselves on how “they won’t work for me”.

And this is often a useful trait – there are ruthless people out there who will try to scam, trick and cheat you out of your hard earned money, and take your precious time, energy and effort along with it.

I’m pretty sure by now you know that isn’t me – I’m certainly not perfect, but I am honest, loyal and real beyond doubt.

Now, you may be looking at my GymWolfPT coaching with one of the following perspectives…

  •  “that’s all good and well, but I have no exercise experience – I’m a complete novice to this”
  •  “sounds OK, but I’ve been going to the gym for years so know most of it already”
  •  “I am an elite athlete, I don’t need the basics – I need the advanced stuff!”

We are all individuals, and all have a uniqueness that means a ‘one fits all’ approach just doesn’t fly when you want truly great results.

Going back to testimonials, and given what has just been said above, I thought I would provide examples ranging from a novice to an elite athlete…

beginner exercise

Aneta connected with me on LinkedIn a number of years ago and we chatted on numerous occasions about health, fitness and lifestyle.

She is a busy professional woman with dependent children and a very busy schedule, which meant exercise had never been much of a priority.

However, this year Aneta has taken the leap, joined the GymWolfPT team and is well on the way to a great transformation.

Here is what Aneta said about my coaching…

“Dear All, if you are the one who could use the professional advices about how to become fitter and healthier again… Ian is Your answer!!! …you’ll get from him all tools to reach your aims.

It’s not a fairytale and nothing is gonna happen without your effort.

I’m a full time working mam, with two kids…don’t need to tell you that my days are long but, Ian helped me to add into my crazy schedule four workouts per week, Yes four, which I can do at home.

After 2.5 months of using Ian’s app, which is GREAT, workouts with video’s and clear guidelines, the shape of my body has changed significantly, each week I’m loosing more and more of this “donut” around my body 😉

YOU CAN TRULLY TRUST IAN AND LET HIM HELP YOU 🙂 He is Your Partner in crime to the improved version of yourself :)”

doing fitness at home

Fiona is a GymWolfPT client based in Preston who had considerable exercise and fitness experience when she joined the team.

She is now taking this to new levels, and here is what she had to say…

“It took me a lot of considering to sign up to Ian, however I’m so glad that I did.

I’ve been working out for a lot of years and completed in different events, across a lot of sports and activities at a decent level.

I’d consider myself to be quite knowledgable about all things fitness.

BUT I had hit a rut due to injuries and needed to start again from scratch.

Mostly, I needed to become accountable to someone for what I was eating (or the lack of it) and my exercise and to rebuild my strength.

This was the key thing for me.

I’ve been doing Ian’s Online programme using his app for about 2 months now.

Despite not being able to leave the house because of Coronavirus and the gyms being shut, due to the gym kit that I already have and the two simple pieces of equipment Ian recommended to buy, I’m able to workout at home.

Honestly – the resistance band workouts are hard.

And I consider myself fairly fit.

Ian is so positive about things, sending encouragement, advice and meal ideas and the app allows you to log your meals and drinks and upload progress photos.

You follow each exercise and log it, reps/sets etc so you can chart your progress. It’s really good.

The worst thing about it: nothing. It’s worth the money. Get in touch with Ian, especially if you need something to do whilst isolating at home!

No excuses!

Do the right thing!”

GB athlete

Stuart is a former GB athlete who continues to race and train to a very high standard and intensity.

He joined the GymWolfPT team to gain new ideas and install accountability.

Here are Stuart’s words…

“Having been involved in the sport and fitness industry to over 30 years during my time in rugby league and endurance sport I have working alongside and with numerous coaches, trainers and conditioners so I have extensive insight and experience in considering which coach would suit me.

I strongly believe the standard of personal trainers and fitness coaches has never been higher and I can suggest twenty quality coaches I know.

In life sometimes you have to experiment and test things to assess if they fit with you, remember that comfortable bed or pair of running shoes that just work- the same goes for a fitness coach.

Now Ian was well known to me as a coach on a professional basis and I took time to research his approach, ethos and methods to fully ensure he was the right choice for me.

As an endurance athlete- former GB Age Group Duathlete, World Championship, European Championship and UK Championship Obstacle Course Racing qualified athlete I have to balance cardio based training with strength and conditioning and need to be constantly mindful that any training session needs to be progressive and challenging without resulting in stiffness, soreness and tiredness which may affect my next quality session.

I spoke with Ian at great length, he took time to listen and ask questions about my work, family and current training commitments to provide a structured programme that will enable me to progress, improve and transform my performance levels that compliments my weekly availability and endurance training.

He is always approachable, motivating and seeking feedback to make sure the training sessions are effective, challenging and achievable with weekly contact.

One of the benefits Ian has is that everything is online, tracking, sessions motivation which when working or competing away from home can still be completed but a safety net that I can get 1-2-1 in house support should I need any help.

Ian provides and end to end service covering nutrition (this fits alongside food preferences and no recipes that require 30 ingredients) via the food diary which has been calculated to a clients individual macros not a generic off the shelf suggestion,

I cannot recommend Ian highly enough, his advice and programme has seem me progress consistently in a structured manageable and motivational manner that fits perfectly with my lifestyle and commitments.”

These are pretty cool testimonials from just a couple of my amazing clients, but they mean the world to me.

In all honesty, this is a big part of why I do what I do!

Every time I receive a testimonial or review like this it really does start me tingling in many places – the adrenalin just starts flowing!

If you’d like to know how we do these things, I’d like to invite you to contact me for a discussion on either email, WhatsApp or by phone.

During this we will look at exactly where you currently are, what you want to achieve and then put a plan in place to get you there.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Wash Your Hands & Do The Right Things Daily.

Coach Ian David Worthington |

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