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Inspect My Gadgets! The products & inventions that have helped my daily routine!

A quick search of Amazon provides a whole plethora of gadgets, products and inventions!

Whilst I certainly wouldn’t recommend always purchasing the latest fad or ‘magic device’, there are certainly items and services out there which can improve your life!

I judge a good product or gadget as something which ‘will make it easier for me, or my family, to do more of the things we want to do!’

With regard to health and fitness there is no ‘magic pill’, no quick fix, no ‘easy work free’ solution!

It is down to routine, consistency, dedication and following a proven plan!

However, daily routines can feel slightly overwhelming, particularly in the early stages, and this is where many people give up!

So whilst I stand by the statement that there is ‘no quick fix’ to a fit and healthy lifestyle, there are certainly products and gadgets out there that can assist in our success!

The best gadgets to add to your life are the ones that minimize or reduce the daily mundane whilst keeping you on track to your goals.

This may be they make an un-enjoyable task slightly easier, quicker or more enjoyable!

The truth of the matter is if you are battling with too many obstacles to live a healthy and happy life you will eventually give up. Whilst everyone has different thresholds, this is a fact!

Below are some of the gadgets and service I currently use which I find increase the efficiency and standard of my life:

1) The ‘NutriBullet’

For me this is the king of blenders! I use it daily and it is so quick and simple to operate and clean. My daily smoothie is a part of my routine that it totally in control and efficient thanks to my Nutri-Buddy!! And what this beauty can’t blend frankly ain’t worth blending! Nuts and seeds are no problem for the NutriBullet.

2) Wireless Headphones

My gym sessions simply wouldn’t be the same without music, motivational speeches, podcast, audio book or training course. And I don’t have to worry about untangling wires before getting started!

3) Weekly Vegetable Box

Consuming a good quantity of fresh vegetables is a must for a healthy diet. However, with relatively short ‘shelf lives’ it is easy to fall short of good quality fresh fruit and vegetables. I have addressed this by introducing a delivered vegetable box into my life. I work on the premise that I will always have a stack of organic vegetables that I have to get through each week. It’s worked! There are many suppliers, such as Abel and Cole, who offer this service.

4) The GymWolfPT App

I need my fitness plan to hand at all times! The GymWolfPT client app is loaded with videos, food diary, messenger and much more as well as your tailored video workouts! And what’s more version 2 will soon be here which lots of extras!

5) Compartmental BPA Free Food Containers

These are a must for efficient food prep. Adding a mixture of foods to a single container will make your meal about as attractive as grass to a lion! The food juices will mix, the taste will suffer and the shelf life will seriously reduce! I separate all my pre prepped food into compartmental food containers so the rice stays separate from the chicken, which in turn stays separate from the broccoli! Job done!

I strongly recommend that you assign some time to consider the obstacles in your life, and implement the necessary solutions to overcome them using the minimal effort for the maximum results!

This will certainly save you time and effort in the long run – time and effort that could be slammed into lifting some weights!!

Have you any gadgets that have drastically improved your life or daily routine? I’d love to hear them.

Ian David Worthington
Creator, Owner and Coach at

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