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How To Reduce Your Risk Of Sickness & Ill Health

Now I’m not saying all illnesses can be avoided…..but an awful lot can!

The mistake most of us make is we wait until we get sick, and then frantically try to pull together a recovery plan!

And the problem with this is fairly simple…

At this point you’re up against it – you’ve been defeated in the main war and are desperately fighting smaller battles against the symptoms and pains, all whilst feeling dreadful!

The answer is taking PREVENTATIVE MEASURES before you get ill!

And, I know… can be super confusing and stressful knowing what measures to take in this world of portions, creams, pills and remedies which would leave us rattling like the TinMan on a Vibroplate if we took them all!

That’s where I come in – I’m going to give you the basic Sickness Reducer Program that EVERYONE should be following daily!

It focuses much less on what to do once you’re sick, and more on the preventative steps that will have the biggest impact on improving your overall health and keeping illness at bay!

You see, if you build strong protective foundations, it’s much harder for anything to cause disruption.

Sickness Reducer Tip #1: Get in the ‘Move Groove’

Working out, exercising and smashing it at the gym isn’t just about looking good, ego or vanity! (honest)

Weight training seems to be the perfect way to strengthen your immune defence as well as building muscle – and the more the better for your body, as long as you are having adequate rest time.

And research certainly backs this up!

Studies have found that people who exercise regularly 5 have almost fifty percent less absences from work due to sickness than those who exercise only once or less per week!

Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see the trend there – does it!?

The reason for this is that exercise impacts your blood flow, which in-turn activates a response in your immune system to fight the pathogens that are desperately trying to bring you down and make you sick!

And whilst working out numerous times a week may seem impossible with your busy schedule, you don’t need to spend hours at the gym.

You can certainly get a good workout in just 25 minutes, and I’m sure you can find the time for that 4 or 5 times a week – especially if you aren’t going to waste days and weeks in bed throughout the year with sickness!

Equally, moderate exercise, such as a walk or light bike ride, can have a similar impact and significantly reduce the likelihood of illness.

So – get it done!

Sickness Reducer Tip #2: Never Sleep LESS Than 6 Hours

Most of us know that sleep plays a big role in many things – from growth and recovery, to slowing the aging process to aiding fat loss – it’s a biggie!

However, perhaps its greatest benefit is in keeping us from becoming sick and unwell.

And whilst the majority of people aim to have some sort of sleeping pattern linked to work and commitments, it’s really the nights of little sleep that cause the damage.

Research shows that just one night of sleeping less than 4 hours is enough to alter your genes, trigger an immune response, and leaves you more at risk of illness and inflammation of the body.

The lack of rest disrupts the immune cells that protect you from viruses – NOT A GOOD THING!

Make sure you are getting at least 6 hours sleep per night, every night!

And if you struggle to get a full nights sleep try the following:

  – Sleeping at a cooler room temperature than normal
  – Add small doses of natural products such as melatonin, zinc, and magnesium to your diet.
  – Drink no caffeine-based drinks after 6pm.
  – Do not use a computer, phone, tablet or any electrical device for at least one hour before you aim to go to sleep.

Sickness Reducer Tip #3: Colds Can Be Prevented, But Not Killed!

Despite what you might have heard, Vitamin C does not CURE colds.

BUT, that’s not dismissing the benefits of Vitamin C and other micro-nutrient and mineral – they certainly have a part to play!

In fact, I would recommend taking vitamin C, D, B-complex, probiotics, and fish oil daily – either via healthy whole foods or, if you can’t get them from food, via supplements.

These nutrients, whilst not a ‘cure’, supply your body with what it needs to fight and prevent sickness!

 * Vitamin C promotes growth development and repair of body tissues, as well as fighting against free radicals.
 * Vitamin D helps protect against upper respiratory infections.
 * Probiotics are strongly linked to gut health, and play an important role in nearly all functioning in our bodies
 * Omega 3/fish oils are often taken for heart and joint health, but studies are also showing immune protection properties as a result of boosting activity of your white blood cells.

The key is to eat fruits and vegetables, fish or plant-based sources of omega 3’s, and take a probiotic on a daily basis.

My Sickness Reducer Daily:

✔️Drink 2.5 litres plus of water each day

✔️Always sleep a minimum of 6 hours each night

✔️Exercise 4-6 days per week, with each session lasting between 20 and 80 minutes

✔️Always complete a thorough warm-up and cool-down around your workout session

✔️Ensure your body is sufficiently nourished with the following micro-nutrients and minerals:
– Antioxidants
– B-vitamins
Vitamin D
– Omega 3 / Fish Oil

Any questions, please fire them over.

Ian David Worthington
Creator, Owner & Coach at

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