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How To Make A Perfect Return To The Gym

You’ve been doing the home workouts, the runs, the cycles, the online classes (or you’ve been doing no exercise at all!) – and now, as of 12th April, the gyms in England are set to re-open…

This is a great opportunity for regular gym-goers, and newbies alike, to boost their fitness and set-up a new routine which works for them and fulfils their fitness goals.

As a fitness professional I thought I’d share with you my top tips on how to get prepared for going back to the gym…

Be ‘Up-To-Speed’ With The New Measures

Whilst gyms in England can open from the 12th April 2021, gyms in Scotland cannot reopen until the 26th April at the earliest. There is no date currently set for the reopening of gym in Northern Ireland or Wales – although it is expected they shouldn’t be long off.

To start with, you will only be a permitted to visit your gym alone, or accompanied with members of your household.

Expect there to be a number of new measures in place, aimed at keeping customers and staff members safe during the pandemic. Take time to familiarise yourself with these measures and abide by them at all times.

Common gym procedures being put in place could include…

  • one way systems around the gym
  • hand sanitising stations, with full wipe down of equipment required
  • changing rooms may be closed or facilities limited
  • cardio machines may have every alternate one turned off/’out of use’ if adequate spacing can’t be achieved

Don’t Over-do Things At The Start

If you are anything like me, you will be super excited to hit the gym and start smashing out some high intensity workouts

However – be careful not to push your body to the extremes on your first visit back.

This is particularly important for those who have done no, or very little, exercise whilst the gyms have been closed.

But, even for those who have been regularly working out at home, it is highly likely your workouts have been shorter and with different equipment – so make sure you don’t make a sudden giant leap up in workout intensity – that will come over time!

Start steady, give your body adequate time to adapt and adjust – this will reduce the risk or injury.

Have A Clear Workout Plan

After so long out of the gym you might be thinking “I”ll get in there and smash every single machine!”

This novelty will wear off – very fast!

Have a clear plan of action which see’s you doing scheduled workouts which are efficient and match your goals.

This may be of even greater importance given some gyms will have workout time restrictions in place.

If you need help creating the perfect fitness plan, I just so happen to know a world class coach – contact me here

Warm-up & Cool Down

After months out of the gym you may be keen to rush onto your favourite machine – DON’T!

A good warm-up is key before any workout – and getting back in the gym isn’t an excuse to miss it.

Make sure to you spend 5-10 minutes completing a thorough warm-up prior to jumping on the weights or machines.

And after your workout be sure to complete your cool-down.

An un-necessary injury isn’t a ‘welcome back’ gift you want!


Being well hydrated is important at all times – but when adding in gym workouts you may need to step your water consumption up.

Water stations may be ‘out of use’ at the gym in the short-term, so be sure to take plenty of water with you when you.

The benefits of being hydrated are numerous, as regularly readers of my blog will know!

Focus On Your ‘None Gym’ Routine

Being fit, healthy and hitting your fitness goals isn’t solely confined to the gym!

How you look after yourself and your body outside of the gym is even more important.

The following areas also need strong focus…

  • a balanced diet
  • a good sleep routine
  • mental wellbeing

The way we treat ourselves outside of the gym will hugely effect our performance within the gym.

Any questions be sure to send them over.


Body Transformation

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