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How To Lose Fat, And Keep It Off All Year Round

You see, it’s a question I’m asked all the time…

People demand “how do I get shredded without dieting?”

… or “how can I get ripped before my holiday in two weeks time!?!?”.

I try to stifle it, but my answer usually starts with a giggle – before I compose myself and get down to the business of coaching the truth.

And whether that truth is liked or not, it doesn’t change!

If you want the benefits of having a defined, toned or even shredded physique, with six pack abs to suit, YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK FOR IT!


There are people out there who are teaching, preaching and under appreciating what it takes……..WHAT IT REQUIRES!

They are peddling shortcuts, and unfortunately they are very good at peddling their bulls#%t!

They tell you about the pills, about the juices, about the magic ingredients, about the fat stripping shakes, about the processed weight busting meals, the latest technological equipment……the Unicorn Horn Popcorn (that will get you flying on a fat-loss journey)!!!!

And they show you the convincing evidence……..the testimonials, the before & after photos, the ecstatic customer reviews……and they gently and friendly place that hook under your top lip and start reeling you in…..

Now, there are some of these products that have a degree of science behind them – no doubt!

There are certainly some supplements that have a place – but they are certainly not the KEY ingredient or the main piece of the jigsaw!

The truth is that almost always the benefits they offer can be found in a more natural, more pure, more cost effective and more healthy way…..THINK FRUIT, VEGETABLES & GOOD QUALITY PROTEIN, FAT AND CARB SOURCES!

The main benefits of the reputable supplements is convenience – they are easy to ‘have to hand’, easy and quick to prepare, and easy and quick to consume.

THEY ARE NOT MAGIC…..the magic is only often found in how they are marketed!

You see, the main element which these testimonials and case studies rarely tell or show you is…..THE PEOPLE IN THE SUCCESS STORIES FOLLOWED THE KEY PRINCIPLES OF FA alongside taking the product, pill or using the equipment being promoted!

By doing this the effect of the product can be massively and falsely magnified on the back of applying the key fat-loss principles (which I have added to the bottom of this email!)

DON’T FALL FOR IT! We are to often being lied to – these people are doing us a disservice!


One thing I can assure you…..that’s not what you’re going to get from me!

I don’t proclaim to know everything, and I make mistakes like everyone – but what I do, and what I tell you, will always be based on the truth, logic, integrity, honesty and thorough research.

As a professional fitness coach relied on by many great people, I deem it my responsibility not to fool or BS you!

In order to get a low fat physique with defined muscle, you have to begin developing a healthy respect for nutrition as well as exercise.

Your fat losing muscle building meal plan MUST include carbohydrates (both fibre & starch based) and should see you eating regularly throughout the day to maintain stable blood glucose levels.

You see, completely avoiding carbs, or eating for just a few hours (intermittent fasting etc) during the day are NOT VIABLE LONG TERM SOLUTIONS!

Efficiently burning fat is accomplished by the exercise that you do, the intensity that you bring to that exercise and the consistent diet that you eat over a long period!

Eating a diet that keeps you in a daily calorie deficit, yet is high in fibre and protein is key.

And you should not be avoiding integral dietary fat or starchy carbs all together – rather doing what your parents always told you to…..‘Have them in MODERATION!’

And, as I’m in a kind sort of mood today, I’ll recap the above with an extra side salad for good measure…..

GymWolfPT’s Checklist To Lose Fat & Gain Muscle:

  • Eat 5-6 (or even more) Small Meals Each Day
  • Do High Intensity Resistance (weight) Training 3-5 Times Per Week
  • Determine Your Daily Energy Expenditure & Reduce It (this is being in Calorie Deficit)
  • Drink An Absolute Minimum Of 2 Litres Of Water Per Day (ideally far more)
  • Continuously Up The Weights You Are Lifting (Progressive Overload) In A Safe Way (always maintain correct form and technique).
  • Do High Intensity Cardio Training 3-5 Times Per Week (This should ideally be after your resistance training and only needs to be 10-30 minutes in length if done in a HIIT style).
  • Reduce, Or Better Still Remove Processed & Junk Food From Your Diet, And Replace With Good Quality Wholefoods High In Protein.
  • Have Set Rest Days & Aim For Good Quality Sleep (6 hours plus, ideally 7-8 hours per night).

And if you need a helping hand with any of the above, or you want a complete workout, nutrition and support programme that helps you shred fat and gain muscle by training like an athlete, email me at

Ian ‘On WW’s Hit-list’ Worthington
Creator, Owner and Coach at

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