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Have you watched The Greatest Showman yet? I viewed it last night and really recommend it – it’s truly marvellous!

Whilst it is a really enjoyable watch, the story of P.T. Barnum, so brilliantly played by Hugh Jackman, got me thinking about life and fitness.

The different stages of the film are all very poignant in there own right and can provide valuable life and fitness lessons. “WHAT’S THIS GUY ON ABOUT!” you may be thinking at this point, but bare with me!


As a child Barnum is extremely poor but has a great friendship with a girl from a very wealthy family – much to the distain of her father.

The young Barnum may be poor, but more than makes up for it with charm, class and attention to detail which wins the heart of the girl.

Despite the girl being shipped off to boarding school Barnum makes it his goal to better his life and prove himself worthy!

LIFE LESSON: You make your own destiny.

You are not what other people label you, or what your beginnings were, or what the past may have been.

Like Paddy McGuiness so elegantly states ‘the power is in your hands!’.

FITNESS LESSON: Likewise, your fitness today does not need to reflect your fitness in 4, 6, 12 weeks or even a years time!

Are you obese? Are you to skinny? Do you have a beer belly? Do you hate your shape? Well, these can all be changed!

They won’t be changed by stressing about it, by making excuses or by taking the latest fad pill or wearing clingfilm in bed!

They will be changed by hard work, dedication, a clear plan and a mindset of ‘I WILL’ rather than ‘I’LL TRY’!


Barnum invests heavily in his ‘museum attraction’.

He borrows lots of money, works super hard and gets the venue open.

On opening day he expects the bustle of paying customers, but is greeted with emptiness.

He sells three tickets – and finds these have been purchased by his wife and 2 daughters!

Despair ensues, and he believes he has failed.

However, a bedtime chat with his daughters sparks an idea within Barnum which rockets him to success.

LIFE LESSON: If at first you don’t succeed, try try again! What seem like life’s denials are often just delays. If you want something enough, and stick at it, you will get it.

FITNESS LESSON: You go to the gym with great intentions – you workout hard, you are eating right and doing everything as per the plan.

However, 1 month in, and not much seems to have changed. “I’m just not cut out for exercise lark” you tell yourself and give up!

However, the change you desired could very well have been closer than you thought.

Or your plan might have needed a slight adjustment or change.

At what point would you tell a baby trying to walk to give up?

You never would – so why do you allow yourself to give up on fitness?

There is a way to be fit and healthy, even if you haven’t found it yet!

Do what Barnum did, find the way!


As Barnum’s success grows he becomes obsessed with a brilliant singer whom he begins to promote and take on a global tour!

However, in doing this he begins to neglect and overlook his show, his staff and his family – the foundations that made him great!

I’ll not spoil the story, but this doesn’t work well for Barnum and he learns a valuable lesson!

LIFE LESSON: The little things are often the biggest!

Never overlook, neglect or downplay what brought you success initially.

Those people who build you up and help you when you are at rock bottom are often very few and far between.

These are your true friends and should be treated accordingly.

When things are going well you will no doubt have many ‘new’ friends, but often these are the first to leave when the success train plummets!

FITNESS LESSON: The foundations to fitness must always be adhered to and worked on if you want to be continually fit and healthy.

Even the greatest athletes still do the basics daily.

Do you think Usain Bolt is dehydrated?

Do you believe Mo Sarah doesn’t warm up or cool down?

Practice makes perfect

Does the retired Jessica Ennis now regularly eat junk food?

Does Roger Federer just ‘see how he feels on the day’ when it comes to training?

You know the answers to all these, and if you want to be healthy and fit you know what you need to do?

Will you be The Greatest Showman (/woman) or a ‘No Show Man’!?

Again, the power is in your hands!

Any questions please fire them over, and if you haven’t watch The Greatest Showman yet I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Ian David Worthington
Creator, Owner and Coach at

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