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How Long Should I Workout For?

This is a question I’m commonly asked, and my answer starts with the usual “it depends!”

There are so many person specific factors that come into play such as intensity, rest periods, exercises being done, experience etc etc…

I tailor training session times specifically around my clients goals and needs.

However, there are some general guidelines which I will share with you today.

Here goes:

1) General Cardio Sessions: up to 60 minutes:

Cardio sessions which regularly last for over an hour are probably going to make you more pushed and less ready to assemble muscle viably. They can even adversely influence your testosterone levels.

Again, this all depends on your aims and goals.

If you are training for a marathon and there is only a month to go you will be putting more time into your training sessions.

cardio jogging

2) HIIT sessions: 5 – 25 minutes:

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is perfect for those wanting an intense workout in a short period of time.

While there is often a temptation to length HIIT sessions, if you are putting in the correct level of intensity an upper time limit of 20-25 minutes is certainly enough.

3) Conventional Weight Training: 30-60 minutes:

When weight training you should aim to fit the session into 60 minutes or less.

This is 60 minutes of working out, not talking with friends.

The only time you should not be working is the rest times between sets.

These are when you take your water, or check your phone if you can’t do without it!

Keeping the session to an hour or less will stave off the risks of over-training, diminished execution of the exercise and mindset issues.

The focus should always be around quality over the amount.

Final Thought:

Whilst there is no exact set time to train for the above general rules are a great start.

The key thing is finding what works for you and your way of life, is customised to your goals, and is one is a schedule/time you can stick to.

This is why I request regular feedback from my clients – I strive to find what works for the individual, not what a textbook says works!

If you want help or advice setting up a training plan to achieve your goals be sure to let me know.

Any questions fire them over to

Ian David Worthington – Creator, Owner and Coach at GymWolfPT

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