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How Important It Is to Have A Proper Diet Plan

Ruining the fitness by following a diet is super easy.

Meaning many people make a lot of mistakes while following a diet plan.

Thus, they ruin their own fitness goals and hard work.

The lack of progress, in almost all cases, can be traced back to a bad or not properly followed the diet plan.

Of course, you can always get back on track by following the diet properly and getting the right diet plan and avoiding the mistakes.

Diet will differ depending on your goals and body type.

Trying to achieve in a short time is too much ambition.

Setting such goals and pushing yourself to the limit is good but such plans require a drastic change in diet.

Such a drastic change could give you a hard whiplash. We are talking about the crash and no-carb type diets.

You may get the wanted results but at what cost and sadly they don’t last long enough either.

Either you are going to lift weights or join martial arts the following mistakes are never allowed.

So, this article is about what you should not be doing with your diet plan.

The following are the common mistakes that ruin your health which you should avoid.

Avoiding Fats

The body needs fat but that does not mean you should start eating unhealthy fat like cheeseburgers and fries.

Foods like avocados, nuts, oily fish and olive oil, etc. have the good kind of healthy fat that nourishes your body.

But remember not to eat too much of these good fats either.

As we know excess of anything is bad regardless of how good it is.

reduce fat intake

Avoiding Carbs

Carbs are from where the body gets the energy to do what it does.

If you avoid carbs the body will start decomposing muscles for protein and fat in order to get the needed energy.

This makes the body weak causing a lot of health issues and make us prone to diseases.

Again, this does not mean to load yourself with it.

A good diet plan gives enough carbs to get you through the day.

A no-carb diet robs you of all the power you have.

Following this, you might not have enough power to walk to the store that is just around the block.

A combination of intense workouts and a good diet can let you achieve the goals and keep you powerful.

Check out the best heavy bag drills for powerful strikes, you may follow if you like.

Spiking Sugar Levels

A cold can of your favourite soda or a chilled pack of juice feels like heaven on earth on a sunny day.

How amazing that feeling is, but there is a problem.

Sugary drinks, and other snacks like doughnuts, etc, raise blood sugar level which causes a rise in insulin levels.

All of this sugar will be stored as fat, mostly, taking you back to square one.

So, what should you do?

Water or real fruit juice would be a lot better and won’t cause any harm.

And what about snacks?

Not Snacking Between Meals

Talking about snacks, you can always go for healthier ones like fruits, nuts, oats, even vegetables.

If you like salads this would be the time to eat it, as a snack.

For the people who say they have a “sweet tooth” or “salt-tooth” (yes, it is a thing) and whatever make the following as your snacks.

  • Fruits
  • Mixed nuts
  • Berries
  • Greek yogurt
  • Dark chocolate (70% or higher would be good)
  • Kale chips
  • Seasoned celery sticks
  • Pickles (oh, I love it)
  • Bell peppers
  • Guacamole
  • Sparkling water (for fizzy-tooth)

Try to eat what is grown naturally, not made artificially.

mma fighter

Trying To Be A Lone-Wolf

I understand we all have some ego in ourselves or sometimes we just want to be alone.

But you don’t have to travel the path alone. Humans are social animals we work better when we have support and fitness is a team effort.

A training partner makes things easier giving you motivation and keeping the tabs on you.

Alone the chances of quitting are higher.

So, why let you something, anything stops you from healthier and better.

Consuming Alcohol

Many don’t take this into account or you might think that one glass of wine could do.

First off, when it is your favourite wine it never is one glass.

Second, its alcohol you take a sip and next thing you know is you are drunk.

So, you can either just live your life without alcohol or try low-calorie wines to keep your calorie count under control.

Time for a trick, add soda water to your alcohol and make it last long, thus drink less alcohol.

Eating Just The Salads

Salads are not a bad meal but living your life just on greens is not a healthy and wise choice.

Starving the body of vital nutrients, you will be hungrier and be compelled to make unhealthy food choices.

Lowering the carbs and fats helps losing fat and weight but rob the body of it and you are in trouble.

Also, muscles need protein to be maintained so add meat to your diet.

While these things are important fiber has its own special position and should not be ignored.

Including boiled meat, nuts, and some olive oil to your vegetable salad will enhance it in every way.

Eating Out And Ordering In

It is likely and normal to forget your diet when eating out or ordering in.

Plus, there are not many healthy and custom options available.

Doing so once in a while is fine, but the problem starts when you start doing this often.

These things do have their benefits like saving time, socializing, and eating without a hassle of cooking, etc.

But the cons like preservatives, unnecessary calories, etc. will dump your hard work.

A good diet plan is the one that brings small changes in your meals and is altered according to the goals.

It should never bring sudden and huge changes to your diet.

Your goal should be to leave unhealthy food and switch to a good portion of healthy food. Include the right proportions in every meal.

Don’t cut off carbs and fats completely.

Don’t deprive yourself of important nutrients and don’t keep yourself starving.

This is a guest post provided by Kevin – owner of the gym fashion brand BornTough


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