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GymWolfPT has been rebranded – Why?

It’s been a fast, furious and exhilarating 18 months at GymWolfPT – great successes, dramatic failures, harsh lessons learned, and daily meetings and chats with some truly great and inspirational people.

In 2017 we broke the mould with the launch of the initial GymWolfPT Online Personal Training programme, fast forward to 2019 and a lot has changed…

The platform we now offer is beyond recognition from its origins, and kicks down the barriers so everyone, without exception, can be empowered to transform their lives.

The result is that GymWolfPT can go head-to-head with even the most premium of health and fitness trainers, as well as offering effective budget services which can fit the most limited or delicate of financial situation!

The visionary Walt Disney once said…

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

So why rebrand now you may ask? There are two simple reasons for the change…

Rethinking who we are

So, I felt our client and fitness focused message wasn’t being conveyed to the wider community as clearly as I would like.

Just like our services are constantly evolving, we needed our brand to follow suit.

The initial GymWolfPT website and logo was created by myself…

…and one thing I most certainly have learned in the past few years is that I can’t do everything!

I may be a top-notch fitness coach…but slick and stylist website designer, inspiring marketer, technology whizz-kid, talented graphic designer and ‘ice to eskimo’ selling salesman, I most certainly am not!

And that’s ‘OK’ with me – I’m glad I’ve done it how I have up to now – it’s not necessary to stress over having everything right at the launch!

The time to learn, grow and evolve has been great…

…but now is the time to go to the next level, and so I’ve made the totally committed decision to completely rebrand GymWolfPT to better reflect who we are and what we do, in both our tone of voice and visual identity.

The next step was taking these ideas to Pink Dog Media, a creative agency based in Preston who I admire and hold in very high esteem…

The next level

Whilst the GymWolfPT dream has been live and strong for a long time now, matching that ambition with ‘cold hard cash’ and time is never an easy decision to make.

Mathew and his Pink Dog Media firm fit perfectly with the GymWolfPT philosophy and ideology – I’m sure he has mind-reading powers!

I met Mathew at a Boost Lancashire business seminar, at a time when I’d made a weak effort at an initial re-brand and was waiting on numerous website quotes as well as being swamped with sub-standard logo designs from all across the world!

Mathew got it – straight away!

His love of health and fitness also came through his designs, and his passion to ‘provide the very best’ certainly wasn’t lost on me!

My excitement to release the new GymWolfPT website and logo on you has been building for a number of weeks now!

What happens now?

With our new brand identity we feel we are perfectly positioned to help our clients achieve their health, fitness and life goals.

A large part of this will be about producing quality content that inspires, educates and entertains our clients, and tribe in general, with the aim of helping them in all aspects of their fitness and life.

In terms of our services we will continue to be guided by the simple principle of building around the client rather than around technology, hype, ego or even arrogance!

Directed by invaluable feedback from our clients and social media friends, we are constantly innovating to meet their needs.

The bottom line is we want our new brand identity to reflect what GymWolfPT is becoming…

“a vibrant, growing, innovative and comprehensive provider of fitness solutions – transforming people’s lives for the better through our unique blend of health and fitness techniques and training. We make people look, feel and remain confident, happy and cool!”

Visit the new website to see more, or email for a personal response to any question you may have.

Thank you

And, finally, I am incredibly proud of the team who have helped GymWolfPT get to this position.

In particular the fabulous people, both on social media and in person, who have supported, embraced and put their faith in myself and GymWolfPT – I offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

Our focus now is to go beyond just helping our clients manage their fitness, and provide them with a solution that will power sustainability and happiness in the long term.

Central to our ethos is that our success is aligned with their success – this will never change.

Yours in fitness,

Ian David Worthington

Creator, Owner and Coach at

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