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You speak English, but do you speak Spanish, French, German or Italian?

Having a second language is a great feather in your cap.

Today I’m going to place a new feather firmly in your head-wear by teaching you a new language – and you can learn it in no time at all.

This language is internationally recognised and is being spoken across the globe. Are you ready to learn the language of the Gym!?!

The gym can seem an intimidating place for a ‘newbie’.

It shouldn’t be, but many people are less apprehensive about a visit to a nudist beach in winter than their first trip to the gym!

So, knowing in advance the language of the inhabitants can be a real ice breaker!

As you shuffle out of the changing room for the first time, dressed in your pristine new gym gear, you’ll imagine the craziest things!!

Those giant guys in the free weights area are giving you filthy looks, the personal trainer is gazing at you like a lion does a gazelle and the whole gym community is giving you the once over!!

It’s all in your head and you’ll soon learn!

As you continue to frequent this environment you will pick up the valuable information you need. This includes:

– You’ll get to know the peak times, and avoid them like the plague!
– You will find the machines that are your friend, and those that aren’t!
– You’ll decide who you can say ‘hi’ to, and who best to avoid!
– You’ll learn that a lost locker key results in bolt cutters!
– You’ll discover that walking into the wrong changing room isn’t like the scenes displayed in American movies!

But, most importantly you will learn……….the language of the gym!

However, I’m going to pre-prep you better than a tuna salad and arm you with all the lingo you need to know!

Here goes:

1) “Can I jump in this set with you?”

Real Meaning: Even though there is plenty of machines and equipment available for me to work my muscle group I’m going to talk and spoil your work-out!

2) “Can you spot me?”
Real Meaning: You look like you can lift the weight, so can you please assist me lifting this weight which I can not!

3) “Your Hammies/Quads/Glutes are on point!”
Real Meaning: I am a douche bag – please ignore me!

4) “Have you many sets left to do?”
Real Meaning: You’ve been on this damn machine for ages. Get off before I throw you off!

5) “Can you lift that?”
Real Meaning: Don’t be crazy and try to lift that!

6) “I’m not lifting weights, I don’t want to get to big! I get massive really easily.”
Real Meaning: I have absolutely no idea what I am doing!

7) “No…Leave Me…Just…One…More… Rep…aargghh!”
Real Meaning: HELP ME!

8) “You are looking huge!”
Real Meaning: When did you start taking steroids?

9) “I used to be able to lift much higher than this!”
Real Meaning: This is the heaviest I’ve ever lifted!

10) “I rarely get to the gym these days.”
Real Meaning: I’m in the gym every morning and night!

11) “I avoid squats, they ruin your knees.”
Real Meaning: I learnt about fitness in the pub from big Brian!

12) “Go on, it’s all you bro!”
Real Meaning: It’s 80% me lifting this! Next time you ask me to spot you i’m going to drop it on you!

13) “How are your gains?”
Real Meaning: No body knows what this means so they just reply GOOD!!

The above list is certainly not comprehensive, and if you have any more translations please add them to the comments below!

Are you ready to ‘talk the talk’??

Ian David Worthington
Creator, Owner and Coach at


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