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Getting Back On Track, Quickly!

Those who know me might think I’m always ‘on track’, never ‘tempted’ and find discipline easy 100% of the time. The truth is that’s simply NOT the case…
…and I’m going to tell you a short story from a while back, when I had a pretty unusual and mad week work, family and social wise!
I wanted to share this with you as I feel it’s something 99% of you will be able to relate to!
It began with a quiet Monday, but by Tuesday the flood gates opened – family issues, new clients, software problems, admin overload – you name it and that Tuesday it arrived VIP style!
I was so busy that my planning went out of the window… and this also applied to my food and sleep!
I utilised the “search and find when hungry” approach to eating for the next 3 days, and my ‘bed-time’ and ‘wake-up’ time fluctuated massively!
As a result I slept awfully…which then made everything feel even worse!
In-turn, it made me crave ‘comfort’ foods (that’s ‘junk food’ by it’s more known alias!) , which made my sleeping even worse and my tiredness stronger – and my desire to workout less!
I was in a spiral…feeling horrible but with the ongoing triggers making me make it worse and worse!
You ever feel like that?
As Friday arrived, I was feeling shattered, and knew just what I wanted to do…
  • drink a bottle of wine
  • have a greasy takeaway
  • binge watch Netflix
  • lie on the couch all weekend
That was what I WANTED, but luckily I had a little chat with myself and logically decided on what I NEEDED!
So, I took the first step – on the Friday night – and made a GOOD DECISION, just one, to break the cycle, to pull me out of the spiral and get me heading towards the right direction.
I went for a short workout and had a (fairly) healthy evening meal. I still watched Netflix and had a glass of wine – but in the morning I had a super tasty healthy breakfast and went for another workout.
I did my food shopping and planned my main meals for the next few days…
And…you know what…getting those few healthy actions done changed the spiral into another direction – a positive one that benefited me!
When Monday arrived I felt like my old self again, and what back in my routine.
Now, I hope you can relate to this?
You may currently be in a spiral of a week or two…a month or two….a year or two…..or even a decade or two…
…but that spiral can be broken, stopped and changed!

Now, I have an important question for you:

What SINGLE ACTION can you take TODAY to help you get back on track or feeling better?
If you’re not sure where to begin, I’d suggest looking at one of the following areas first:
  • Healthy eating/Drinking
  • Working Out/Exercise
  • Sleep/Rest
  • Mindset
A phrase that has stuck with me for a long time is “When things go bad, don’t go with them!”
We all encounter bad hours, days, weeks – or even months – but don’t let them derail and throw you off your goal!
Make today a great day, and build on that!
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