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Get Yourself & Your Family Fit…

The Fight-back Is On…

Men & women across the country have lost their access to the gym – BUT not their ability to stay (or get) healthy & fighting fit to meet the challenges ahead!

AND…why not bring your partner, kids, family or friends with you!?

The opportunity is here for you & your family to improve your Body & Health FROM THE SAFETY OF HOME.

It may seem that with the world in such a precarious place, with people gripped in fear & with widespread suffering – with everywhere closed & the very real prospect of a full-scale lock-down in weeks or even days – that fitness is not important.

For soo many reasons this is NOT the case…it is MORE IMPORTANT THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN!

home workouts

That’s not me trivialising or belittling the situation in any way, THE REALITY IS THAT TO FACE THIS WE NEED TO BE STRONG OF BODY & MIND.

In even the bleakest of times there is opportunity – & for many restraints on time & other temptations may have been removed, through no choice of your own.

Now Is The Perfect Time, More Than Ever Before, To Progress & Improve Your Body, Health & Energy – & take your family on the journey with you!

I will be working with men, women & families who no longer have commitments such as…

  • business trips & daily travel
  • eating out in cafes & restaurants
  • attending sports, music & other social events
  • meeting in the pubs, bars and clubs

Each Of Us NEEDS To Be Healthier & Stronger During This Period – we owe it to family, friends & all those who rely on us.

We Can Either Stand Up & Turn Up….Or Lie Down In The Very Real Face Of Adversity.

I am currently offering 8-Week & 12-Week tailored Online Coaching Programmes which won’t just cover you, but your family as well!

I will coach you remotely throughout the plan via my state-of the-art client APP and WEBSITE where you have me available 24/7 at the touch of a button!

home fitness plans

Everything is designed to you personally – your GOALS, EXPERIENCE & REQUIREMENTS.

It really doesn’t matter what equipment you have available, or if you don’t have any at all…

  • If you have just your front room or other space…
  • If you have resistance bands…
  • If you have dumbbells, kettlebells…
  • If you have a fully equipped home gym…

I will create the plan around the only people who matter – YOU & YOUR FAMILY.

This plan will cover everything…

– Full workouts for you, your partner & your kids
– Full bespoke Nutritional Coaching
– Coaching, motivation & advice/strategies to keep you in the very best place physically & mentally

I will GUIDE you, MOTIVATE you, MENTOR you and COACH you to achieve the results you want, at the most important time.

I am also very aware that during this period many of you will have obvious financial concerns & restrictions.

For this reason I will be adding SIGNIFICENT DISCOUNTS to the prices shown on my website, in addition to all the additional family bonuses I have added.

Are you interested?

Contact me today for further information or to book your place by:

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Yours In Fitness
Ian Worthington |

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