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When people come to fitness professionals like myself they are often expecting a ‘miracle’ solution, formula or shortcut!

They’re expectancy is that I’ll open up my gym bag full of tricks and pull out some gem of a ‘secret’ that I know and everyone else does not!

I am confident in my belief that I am good at what I do!

It’s even been said, by others I may add, that I’m great at what I do at GymWolfPT! (blushes)

I’m not a good mechanic, I’m a pretty damn awful decorator, I don’t know how to make a garden flourish and if you put me in charge of an HGV there would be chaos!

What I do know is FITNESS, and I am passionate about the knowledge I have, and even more passionate about growing that knowledge on a daily basis!

And I pride myself in my honesty, and the truth is…..THERE IS NO SECRET!!!

In a world where we want everything yesterday it’s not surprising that most advertisers play on this with headline grabbing claims, miracle inventions and newly found quick fixes which will change your life for the better overnight!

Unfortunately, we know this isn’t the case, and that’s more relevant to health and fitness than most sectors!

And it’s really important that people accept this fact – then they can move forward with what does work rather than wasting their time, money and sometimes health on things that don’t!

The short-cut often turns out being the longest route – it really does!

Hey then ‘clever clogs’ – what does work!?

Well let’s start with the fundamentals. Although you may not like them, the truth is to succeed in creating the health and fitness lifestyle you want you will need to put in….…

– Hard & Smart Work
– Commitment
– Determination

So, let me re-iterate! Right now I need you to ditch that search for the ‘quick fix’, the ‘miracle formula’, the ‘short cut’ – throw those untruths out for good!

The tablets that gets you shredded whilst eating Dorito’s, the exercise machine that no gyms have but which promises to transform you in your own home, the items of clothing that will have your butt looking like it should be on the Copacabana Beach just by wearing them – FORGET THIS NONSENSE, and don’t be fooled if you see one of your idols or favourite celebrities endorsing them!

They don’t use them – they had the benefits beforehand, that’s why the company approached them to advertise their product in the first place!!

The common theme with all these ‘quick fixes’ is they promise you immediate results with almost zero effort!

They are marketed specifically to pull hard on your ‘wants, desires and problem strings’, yet they deliver little apart from wide-scale disappointment!

AND THE THING IS – really, deep down, we know these things don’t work – don’t we!?

The problem is we get to thinking “what if……what if this product/ supplement/ accessory is different!?”.

Well, trust me, if and when a breakthrough is made that will give you great health and fitness without putting in the hard work it won’t be hidden away on late night TV, a shopping channel or in the back of a magazine!

It will be intensely tried and tested by official authorities, and then become mainstream like all other major inventions, discoveries and breakthroughs!

So, whether you’ve tried numerous fad diets, purchased gimmick laden exercise machines or signed up to the latest trend, this is where you change!

No more wasted time and money without seeing any results. These so-called “short cuts” often multiple up and take years from us whilst getting us nowhere.

Now, let’s flip things over and move onto the logical, proven and most successful way to move forward! If we understand that it will take us a number of months of the necessary training and eating principles to get the ‘results’ we can move on and take the required action.

Whilst there isn’t a ‘secret’, I do find it magical in knowing that in a period of just 3 short months, by employing the correct workouts and eating alongside a dosage of dedication and commitment, you can achieve amazing results in terms of fat loss and/or lean muscle gain!

BUT, this is when the objections come in – the excuses that stop the vast majority of the population ever getting to where they want to get!

– “I do not have the time”
– “I have to many responsibilities”
– “I’m too busy”
– “I would if only…………” (fill in the gap!)

Well, my answer to all of these objections and excuses is the same.

It’s blunt and may be to ‘straight to the point’ for some people, but hey, I’m not here to sugar coat the truth so you get diabetes whilst swallowing it!



If it’s a ‘SHOULD’ you’ll find an excuse, if it’s a ‘MUST’ you’ll find a way!

And whilst I believe that ‘doing this for YOU’ is reason enough to be a bit ‘selfish’ and dedicate yourself to the right fitness plan, if you really are a selfless person who only thrives from helping others think about this……….

How much better could you be to your children, your partner, your friends, your career, your colleagues if:

– You are healthy?
– You have more energy?
– You are fun to be around?
– You are confident and enthusiastic?

Those around you will most certainly benefit, as what we surround ourselves with is what we become!!!

Many of us are burdened with the commonly held thinking that working inefficiently but hard, accepting the ‘cards you’re dealt’, and ‘putting up’ with tiredness, ailments or obesity issues are ‘just what we need to do’!

And before anyone thinks I’m belittling many of the horrible ailments, disabilities and illnesses out there, that is certainly not the case.

There are many people suffering terribly with hardships I can’t claim to imagine.

I have sympathy, respect and sorrow for their suffering. But my sympathy won’t fuel them to a cure or a better lifestyle managing their illness.

It should always be offered but for most the tools and support to improve things are a much better gift than sympathy!

In fact I have an amazing client who suffers from an autoimmune inflammatory condition which causes muscle weakness and chronic fatigue.

This lady could be forgiven for feeling sorry for herself and going down the route of no exercise and a junk food diet – because that’s the easy option in the short-term!

However, she does the complete opposite – she is an absolute inspiration to me and all the people around her.

She works harder than almost anyone else I know, she eats right and totally smashes each day!

Does she have ‘down days’!? I know she does, but she doesn’t dwell and settle in those days, she knows they will pass and gets back on the track she knows will see her be the best, most energised and happiest person she can be!

No matter where your starting point is, it’s not going to be an easy journey since you will most probably be breaking down ingrained habits that you have adhered to for many years!

However, you can do it – and I’m here to support you should you need support!

I could tell you it will be simple and easy, but if I did I’d have become one of those ‘short cut, quick fix fads’ I’ve been repeatedly warning you against!

GymWolfPT is certainly not that, and never will be!

As always, I’d welcome your feedback, comments or criticism. I also love debating my points of view and listening to others.

If you need some help and are ready to give me the hard work, commitment and dedication required to transform your body and your life shoot me an email to or message me via Social Media.

Ian David Worthington | Creator, Owner and Coach at

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