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Chew This Over…

Do you want to eat the foods you love whilst still shredding fat, getting lean and building muscle?

Many people think they have to completely deprive themselves, but that’s not the case.

You can still eat the foods you love in moderation, and I’m going to give you one simple, but little known or used tip which will really assist you!


Well here goes…


mouth and teeth

It’s as simple as that!

When eating, take a bite and slowly chew your food until it’s in liquid form in your mouth.

At this point swallow and wait a few seconds before the next bite.

Sounds straight forward, but so any people do not do this.

When you eat this way, you’re giving your gut enough time to let your brain know you’re getting full.

Why it works:

If you eat fast, your brain won’t get the message that you’re eating until it’s to late.

You can eat a bucket full of food, and still feel hungry!

This is linked to fullness hormone Leptin, and the significant time it takes to message the brain from your stomach!

Also, your body will not absorb as many nutrients from food when you eat fast and don’t chew your food properly.

And that’s not all – here are more benefits you’ll get from chewing your food slowly and properly:

Increases Thermogenesis:

Chewing more from each bite of food will affect the rate of thermogenesis.

This refers to the heat produced during digestion.

An increased rate of thermogenesis increases daily Energy Expenditure (cals burned), and thus assists with weight loss.

Easier Digestion:

Chewing food well and into a liquified state facilitates digestion.

The body does not have to work to breakdown large particles to absorb them, and smaller particles allow for a quicker and more efficient digestion.

Higher Exposure To Salivary Enzymes:

Saliva contains the enzymes amylase and lipase.

These enzymes begin the breakdown of starches and fats in the mouth, making digestion easier for the stomach and intestines.

Eating slowly gives time to appreciate the taste of what is being eaten and savour every bite.

So, when your feeling hungry remember to:

  • Check your calorie and macro goals
  • Have some foods you love
  • Chew your food!

I’d also suggest that eating slowly gives you time to appreciate the taste of what’s being consumed – savour this!

As usual, any questions fire them over or email at

Ian David Worthington

Creator, Owner and Coach at

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