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Changing Your Body In Twelve Weeks…

In the fast pace society we live in, it seems we either want it ‘tomorrow’ or ‘yesterday’…

BUT we all know this isn’t usually feasible – and when it comes to fitness it ‘absolutely’ isn’t feasible!

So, therefore, the magic question I’m often asked is ‘how long will it take to see real results?’

Well, there is a reason I create 8 and 12 Week Body Transformation Programmes and Challenges – and it ain’t because I like the numbers 8 and 12!

Eight to twelve weeks of strength training to a tailored to you plan will make a big difference to your body in terms of fat loss and toning

I know, I know…..

  • you like to just do cardio!
  • you don’t want to get ‘too muscly’!
  • you don’t like the look of those scary machines and the monsters who dwell in the free weights area!

Unfortunately, changing your body will rarely take place on the treadmill, cross trainer or rowing machine.

Despite the cardio area seeming to be your safe zone, you could well be massively missing out on all the benefits of strength training by not venturing to the free weights area of your gym, or adding strength training to your home workouts (I have a great way of doing do this for my clients!).

Weigh(t) This Up…

The main benefit of strength training has a clue in the name, as it will make your body overall stronger.

It will also improve the appearance by toning up muscles.

However, in addition to this it also helps improve the health of our hearts as well as speeding up our metabolism.

This in-turn means that we can burn more fat.

And the benefits of strength training and weight lifting aren’t just limited to fat loss and appearance.

Lifting weights correctly will improve mobility for day to day life.

Working long hours at a desk, common for many people in employment nowadays,  is causing significant problems!

By sitting all day we can put excessive stress on our lower backs which in-turn can lead to pain stiffness and ultimately more serious issues as we get older.

Again, strength training involving exercises which strengthen the core muscles, which support your spine, will reduce problems in this area.

So, What About The Cardio!?

You know me by now, and you know I love to lift weights…BUT…

I’m certainly not advocating that you need to be ditching the cardio altogether either!

NOPE – combining the two forms of exercise in your programme is the best way to maximise your workout.

My take on this is that strength or weight training is your main meal, and cardio is your dessert!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a highly effective method of training, particularly when you are limited on time.

There are lots of variations of HIIT, and you can easily add all your favourite cardio machines into your session should you wish.

Just like strength training, cardio is also great for the mind and body in other ways.

All forms of physical exercise encourage your body to release endorphins, which make you look and feel great.

GymWolfPT Transformations

I know that  my time, money and effort is super value to me – and I expect you will say the same the same about yours – right!?

Now, when I read most health and fitness posts and articles I find that there is very little actual evidence from the author to back-up what they are writing about!

I see myself as different, and that’s why I lay myself bare in what I am and what I do – my LinkedIn Profile and website About Page are great places to see what I’m all about!

BUT, more importantly than seeing what I’m about – I wanted to show you some of GymWolfPT client transformations, to demonstrate how incorporating strength training can have a major impact in 8 weeks or sometimes even less.

First I’d like to welcome Helen.

She came to GymWolfPT at the very end of 2019 looking to increase her overall strength to benefit her running, as well a lose some body fat.

Helen has signed up to the 12-Week Body Transformation programme and has seen great results already less than 8 weeks in.

However, more than how great she is looking, Helen is feeling superb and it her running is greatly improved as well.

When discussing the programme and my coaching of her, Helen stated “He cares. He set me a series of daily plans that helped me get going again, he then adapted them to make me a stronger runner. He has helped me to understand that consistency is key, and then results will come. I look and feel better than I have ever done.”

8 week body transformation

When Dave started on the GymWolfPT programme he had no experience of fitness training.

However, within just 4 weeks his transformation had begun.

He dropped almost 5kgs in weight, lowered his body fat by 2.3% – but most impressively – look at the change in his physique!!

Awesome job Dave!

body transformation

Marie joined GymWolfPT last year after recovering from cancer.

As a keen dragon-boat rower she was desperate to return to the strength, fitness and body composition she had prior to her serious illness.

Refocusing her goals and working alongside myself on an online and 1-2-1 basis, Marie managed to reach a healthy balance with food and training, and is getting back to her very best.

Introducing strength training with correct form, technique and intensity along with sustainable and enjoyable dietary changes has seen Marie get incredible results, and she continues to progress.

Since starting training with GymWolfPT she has lost almost 2 stone in weight, but has gained muscle mass and strength.

Her energy has dramatically increased and she is feeling and looking great.

Body transformation

Take a look at the GymWolfPT website for more detail on how we transform much more than people’s physiques, but also their lives as a whole.

If you are ready to feel the amazing benefits a tailored strength training plan will provide, get in touch with us and see how we could help you transform in as little as eight or twelve weeks.

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