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If you’re not a fan of public gyms and fitness clubs, you may have the option to create a home gym.

And this does not have to be a mega expense.

Below I will look at how to build the perfect home gym without breaking your bank balance!

The great thing about having a home gym is you don’t need a lot of space. In fact you don’t even need a room!

A corner of your lounge, office or bedroom will work as long as it’s an area dedicated just to you and your workout.

This area, no matter how small, can be transformed into a space that motivates you and makes you feel amazing!

The key is to load this space with things you love and make it your favourite area of the home!

Whilst you will have lots of personal and unique touches to add, below are my suggestions on how you can make your home Gym perfect:

1) Have a tv and your phone.

If you have a TV in your space you can multi task.

Got to watch your favourite program? Well, why not get a workout in at the same time.

Your phone is also a good addition for music, motivational videos and obviously the app!

2) Resistance and Booty Bands!

Low cost, they don’t take up hardly any space and provide hundreds of exercises and warm ups!

Check out the GymWolfPT Resistance Band blog post here

3) Exercise Ball.

These are excellent for sculpting your core and improving stability, flexibility and balance.

They’re also fun to bounce on, remember those Space Hoppers we had as children!?

4) Yoga Mat.

An absolute must for any workout. Use it for HIIT to stretching to core exercises, and even yoga!

Yoda Mat

I said Yoga Mat – Not Yoda Mat!

5) Dumbbells & Kettlebell (and maybe a barbell)

I’d always recommend you have dumbbells your workouts – they add lots more options and you can add dropsets. Kettlebells add to the variety.

6) Large Water Bottle.

Staying hydrated will boost your metabolism, helps your muscles recover, and makes your skin glow – and I always mention it!

7) Mirror.

Make sure that form is correct….or let your vanity shine!

8. Quotes and Pictures that motivate you.

Hang photos of your family/friends or your favourite inspirational quotes.

These will motivate you to challenge yourself and make you smile throughout the hardest of workout!


Any other ideas – be sure to let me know.

Ian David Worthington
Creator, Owner and Coach at

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