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Am I For Real?

Today was a day of deep thought and reflection…..

And as I got onto the subject of my fitness, my business, my online presence and the people who view my daily posts, a light bulb suddenly turned on in my head! (an energy saving bulb of course!😉)

I know what I am, what I’m not – and what I want to do!

I had always assumed that the people who follow me know all these things as well – but why would they!?! And even if they have read it or seen it – why would they believe it?

I have this social media persona – the LinkedIn following, the large Instagram accounts, the Facebook group and pages……..I have a lot of people who read and view my content, and also the fitness offers I make to them.

There’s a lot of cynicism and mistrust around about health, fitness, motivation and inspiration these days, and I certainly don’t blame people for that – there’s a lot of fake sh#t out there!

There’s lots of finely tuned money collecting machines that are full of style but void of substance! They entice people in with a diamond encrusted exterior – caring very little that what you find inside is pretty empty!

Whilst I do try my very best to inspire and motivate, those who take the time to fully read my posts will know that whilst I push a positive attitude, I’m not always super motivated, I sometimes have bad days and certainly don’t live in a land of unicorns, rainbows and pots of gold all the time!!!

I deal in truths, in reality and in ‘telling it how it is’. For example – will you get fit and healthy without hard work, without discipline, without some blips, without some frustration? – ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

Will you get results with a fad diet, supplement or unrealistic eating plan – MAYBE! Will those results stay? – ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

The GymWolfPT brand and project is so much more than a job for me! It’s most certainly not all about the money – it’s so so much more than that!

I’m not a kid starting out in fitness industry! I’ve had the big money salary, I’ve had the high flying job, I’ve had the Audi and BMW at the same time, I’ve had the nice holidays, the nice clothes, the financial security that would last for life……I’ve had what many would see as a successful career!

And you know what!? I GAVE IT ALL UP!

I gave it up to chase my passion, to make a difference, to help people who want to be helped, and in turn help myself by gaining the fulfilment, the satisfaction and destiny that was lacking previously!

This is my main source of fuel!

I obviously have bills to pay, I have kids to feed and entertain, and a house to upkeep – meaning I do aim to make money – but it isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ of why I do this.

I believe it, I live it, I breathe it, I love it – I know what living a healthy and disciplined fitness life can bring to people – and I have also experienced the hurt, disappointment, frustration and helplessness that an undisciplined unhealthy lifestyle can ultimately accumulate in!

With so many options out there it really can be a daunting decision when considering signing up to a trainer, a programme, a gym, a bootcamp, a Slimming World / Weight Watcher style plan, a Juice Plus or similar subscription………

You have your goals, but your money is hard earned, time precious and you may well have been ‘burned’ in the past!

I am not proclaiming to be an expert in absolutely all fields of health and fitness, but I believe I have a good knowledge alongside honesty, integrity and a genuine care for people’s wellbeing.

If you want to run anything past me I will happily give you my honest, unbiased, logic based opinion should you want it. 👍

Right – that’s enough of the ‘thinking’, I’ve pencilled in my next brain raid for June – 2029!!! 😂

Ian David Worthington
Creator, Owner and Coach at

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