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Age As An Excuse!? Sprinkle those wrinkles with fitness!

Being healthy and fit is not just something for the younger generation.

Whatever you may think, it’s never too late, your position is never too bad, and you’re never too old to become the best you can be!

The problem is that our minds can play many negative tricks on us and make us falsely believe our goals cannot be reached!

These thoughts serve no purpose and, whilst difficult to do, we need to kick these out of our minds – for good!

To start with make sure you begin each day thinking of what can be achieved, and not dwelling on problems, the past or negativity.

This is not a quick fix and will take time – but equally once you master it your life will change dramatically for the better.

Once you are beginning your days from a vantage point of positive expectation you can start planning the tasks that will change your health and fitness.

Below are my suggestions to get you started:

1) Exercise 3 or 4 times per week, and progress to more sessions as your strength improves.

2) Eat a wide and varied selection of healthy foods that include proteins, good carbohydrates and healthy fats (your macros).

healthy foods

3) Drink lots of water throughout the day, ideally at least 3 litres. Cut back on tea, coffee and fizzy drinks.

4) Set a bed time routine and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

5) Include weight training 1-2 times per week to start, again increasing as your strength does.

6) Keep an accurate food diary for accountability.

Keep a food diary

7) Reduce the junk food and replace with healthy food options.

8) Pay attention to portion sizes, and adjust to meet your calorie and macro goals. Read and react to food labels.

9) Eat several small meals per day and do not allow yourself to feel hungry! This is when unplanned unhealthy meals sneak in!

10) Weigh in only one time per week, pay attention to how your clothes are fitting, and how you look naked.

11) Set realistic goals, and record the reasons why you want to achieve them. For example setting a goal to lose 10kgs isn’t as motivational as setting a goal of ‘lose 10kgs by July so I look totally awesome on the beach on my holiday’. Make it compelling!

12) And finally, hire a qualified personal trainer, or online personal trainer, for guidance and motivation if going it alone feels too overwhelming! I’ve heard GymWolfPT is a good one!

As usual, any questions fire them over to

Ian David Worthington
Creator, Owner and Coach at

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