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About GymwolfPT Personal Training

Passionate about helping YOU to improve your fitness, nutrition, physique and energy levels.

Through a variety of different services and plans, GymWolfPT offers people with any budget, sex, age or fitness experience a chance to achieve life-changing results.

Fully qualified and registered personal trainer

I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you, to change their lives.

Based in Lancashire - Changing lives worldwide.

The GymwolfPT Story

I’m Ian David Worthington - the GymWolfPT

“Helping people become the best they can be is my calling.”

The GymWolfPT story started a couple of years back, forming as an idea, & gathering momentum like a rock rolling down a steep mountain face!

Has it been easy!? Nope, certainly not! That mountain face is very bumpy!!

It’s been damn hard work, and there’s plenty more hard work to come, but it’s also been exciting, rewarding and fun at times!

But helping people become the very best they can is my passion – no – it’s my calling!

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, tone-up or transform your body and life completely – I promise I will get you there!

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Why GymwolfPT?

What makes gym wolf different from the rest

We don’t believe in a 1 size fits all approach

We don’t believe in fad diets, magic pills, starvation and a ‘one size fits all’ approach!

I've lived the life i encourage you to lead

I’ve experienced life…..the ups, the downs, the anxiety, the hectic schedules. I know what works, and what doesn’t!

We’re honest, transparent and open

I am 100% transparent – ask any question, any time, and get an honest answer! This is not a job to me, this is my life!

Results that are more than what’s on the surface

GymWolfPT clients live a happier, energised and healthy lifestyle which benefits them, their family & friends, & everyone who comes into contact with them.

What people are saying about GymwolfPT

Donna Lawson

Since joining the training I have felt so much better and can see results. It’s an amazing service and does keep you on your toes. I was going to the gym not really knowing if the training I was doing was right, but this has shown me determination knowing you have someone pushing you and helping you all the way makes you feel determined. I highly recommend GymWolfPT

Sam Leeming

I’ve been working with Ian from around April now, and he’s brilliant. Ian gives you the support, advice, tools and mindset to achieve your goals. Ian’s always on hand to offer support advice, motivation and help you with any problems. You can generally see Ian wants you to Achieve. I’ve never had a PT before Ian and after working with him he’s the only one I’d use. I love working with him and long may it continue!
GymwolfPT best about!!

Amanda Johnston

Ian has always been really helpful and supportive of my fitness journey. I am in his online coaching groups and am inspired and challenged daily by the content he shares. highly recommend his services

Jason Mistry

Ian, aka GymWolfPT, take such an interactive approach to fitness and provides an in-depth and personalised service which motivates and gets you to your goals! first class service from a stand-up guy.


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