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A Life Changing Transformation…

Today I wanted to share the brilliant success of one of our clients, Amanda.

Amanda joined our programme in April, and was initially sceptical of going down the ‘online route’.

She’s not a gym member, and didn’t want to join one – so we ‘did what we do’ and created a programme to match her goals, requirements, resources and schedule!

And guess what…it worked!

Online personal training

She is absolutely delighted with her results as she is in great physical and mental shape now, and feeling great.

She lost 16 lbs of fat in the 12 weeks and almost 5 inches from her waist. She reduced her body fat down to 13.8%.

This is what Amanda has to say about her journey with us.

“Training with GymWolfPT is amazing! At first I was unsure about doing an ‘online programme’ as I thought I needed an ‘in person’ approach. However, the programme covers it all – and I had support, accountability and help every step of the way. It also fitted around me and my busy lifestyle, not me fitting around a programme! I joined the programme with the goal of losing weight…but it’s given me soo much more than that! I’ve gained confidence, fitness knowledge and now know what works for me going forward. I so glad I did this – and know these changes and results aren’t short-term – I’m going to build on them. It really has changed my life.”

Are you ready to follow in Amanda’s footsteps and start an great life changing transformation? This is an opportunity to become the very best version of yourself. We are kicking off a 12-Week Online Body Transformation Challenge which you don’t want to miss.

This 12-Week Online Programme is perfect for you if:

  • You’re struggling starting your health and fitness goals on your own…?
  • You want to look & feel better…? You want to 
  • You’ve set the same goals of “getting in your best shape” for years now but still haven’t managed to accomplish it…?
  • You want to achieve something you will be proud of, and set a positive example to those closest to you…?
  • You want a real and sustainable way to lose fat, get stronger, and keep those results long-term…?
  • And you want to do it in a safe, healthy and fun way…?  

We will open up only 3 spots every week (and they always fill up fast), so be quick.

You can learn more about our 12-Week Online Body Transformation Programme and save your spot >>>here<<<

Have a super day.

Always on your side.

Ian – GymWolfPT

Want to find out know more? Message me today and let’s book in your FREE fitness consultation.


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