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9 Easy Ways To Improve Your Life…

The below list describes 9 easy ways in which you can improve your life in a short space of time, and without spending huge sums of money:-

1) Create a ‘bucket list’.

Make a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to do, no matter how bizarre or extravagant (as long as they are legal!).

Don’t give thought at this point to how you are going to achieve them or pay for them – such thoughts breed negativity.

Spend a few hours and really think about all the amazing stuff you want to do over the coming months, years and decades – and feverishly jot them down!

Make a bucket list

Regularly review your list with excitement and anticipation, and make them happen!

2) Spend a week without turning on the television.

Most people spend hours in front of the television every day, but what do they gain other than weight?

Break the habit by unplugging, or better still disconnecting, the TV for a whole week (Monday AM to the following Monday AM is ideal).

During the TV’less week find new and innovative ways to fill your time.

After a week I’m betting your TV intake will reduce for the future and your eyes will be open to many new activities and possibilities.

3) Email someone you admire or respect.

Is there anybody you have seen who is living life how you want to?

I’m guessing the answer to that is ‘Yes’ – then why not email or write to them and find out the secret to their success.

Why re-invent the wheel when you can benchmark and replicate an existing proven plan?

4) Get up early.

Never have time for yourself? – then give it!

Get up earlier in the morning and do something you enjoy – whether it be performing exercise, cooking, reading or just planning your day ahead.

By waking early and performing a beneficial task you will also give yourself the perfect springboard for a productive and enjoyable day.

5) Compete in Fitness Challenges.

Exercise and fitness is great, but to keep it up you need a reason.

What better motivation than competing against other people from around the World and encouraging and supporting each other along the way.

6) Complete the ‘Seven Day Mental Diet’.

Complete Emmet Fox’s masterpiece ‘The Seven Day Mental Diet’ and it will change the way you think forever.

Whilst this is not actually an easy task (my title should have been ‘9 easy 1 hard’!), those who follow it for 7 consecutive days will be amazed by the results.

7) Plan a holiday / trip or event.

Having something to look forward to is important to a positive mindset.

So many unhappy or depressed people often say ‘what have I got to look forward to?’

book a holiday

Don’t fall into that trap, always have something lined up that excites, encourages or motivates you.

8) Create a music playlist.

Music can play a major part in the way we feel.

A great song can uplift you, whereas a sad song can play on your emotions.

Create a playlist of songs which generate a positive response in you.

This playlist should be readily available at any point in your day – so keep it on your MP3 player and copies in your car and other frequented places.

9) Learn new and different skills.

Don’t ever stop learning.

You don’t have to go to University or College to learn either.

Something as simple as learning a new word everyday will keep you expanding.

The internet means that delving into new skill areas is easier than ever. – so make use of it.

If nothing else it will make you a more interesting person!

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