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5 Post Workout Snacks You Really Shouldn’t Be Having – Common Recovery Mistakes

Working out is an intense charge that gets the entire body in a good harmony, but can also take a lot out of you that has to be replenished.

Most common workout snacks are ok, but there are a few that you should absolutely avoid after working out.

Feel that burn? – we know you do!

But just like a fire, it needs fuel to sustain its intensity.

fuel the body

When you work out, before, during, and after, it is vital to have a workout snack to keep up your energy and put the right nutrients toward the essential muscle groups you are trying to improve.

But there are many schools of thought as to the best pre-workout snacks for energy, as well as the right timing for a post-gym meal.

The problem is that no two bodies are alike, but for the most part, many of our bodies function similarly when they need to get a recharge after a long session at the gym.

That is when it is time to decide the best snacks for your needs through a little trial and error.

Picking Your Gym Snacks

Choosing what to put into your body after getting that good burn or hitting the spin bike with a vengeance is crucial if you wish to see the desired results.

In most cases, the right blends of proteins and potassium, or the best meal replacement shakes for growth or weight shedding, will work across the board.

But what if they don’t.

There are some instances where choosing the right snacks is more difficult for people with health conditions or biological components that deter the metabolic process.

And that can be frustrating.

It is still important to stay vigilant.

You are reprogramming your body, with better fuel, and it will eventually catch up to the new program. Have faith.

Do No Harm

Choosing your post-workout snack is just as important as picking your other meals when on a diet to gain muscle or lose weight.

But we are all human, and we all crave things that are not great for us from time to time.

It is important to remember, you are working toward a goal.

The snacks you pick can be like an anchor, keeping you from that goal.

Here are some common snacks that you should avoid if you don’t want to see your progress fall away:

1.Anything Spicy

When you are done with your workout, the last thing you need is for your body to lose focus on repair itself. Spicy foods will target the gastrointestinal system, detracting attention from fat burning and muscle repair. Steer clear of spicy snacks for at least a few hours after your gym routine.

2. Sports Drinks

Some of these are good and specifically designed to replenish you, but most are sugar packed and full of calories. Water is a better and more refreshing drink after a workout, but if you have to chug a sports drink, read the label, or pick one designed for the workout you are doing. 

sport drinks

3. Salt

Or more specifically, salty snacks. Your body bleeds sodium when you sweat, and the natural inclination is to replenish it with salty items. Increased salt means decreased potassium. The system needs to remain in balance for the machine to work properly. Choose low sodium snacks and follow up with a banana.

4. Chocolate 

Ever been in love? The chemicals released from eating chocolate have the same rush in the brain. Beyond the sweet taste, that is why we enjoy it so much. But, regardless of how euphoric it makes you feel, it is still wise to avoid chocolate bars as a post-workout snack. Even on cheat days, it’s still good to walk away. 

5. Raw Veggies

Here is one you didn’t expect. But the logic is sound. Vegetables alone have plenty of healthy qualities, but they also lack key items your body needs to rebuild after a workout. Mixing some fruits, peanut butter, or beans into the snack with the veggies is a better solution than just veggies alone.


One last item of wisdom.

When you plan a workout, eat before or after, not during.

First, it ruins your momentum.

Second, depending on what it is, it can make you bulky and sluggish.

Plan accordingly, so you don’t have to stop and grab a nibble.

Do you have any bad habits for your post fitness snacks?

This was a gust post written by Kevin Nelson…

Author’s Bio:

Kevin has been writing content for about 3 years.

He really wants to share his experiences and advice with anyone who cares about health and fitness.

He enjoys helping people achieve their fitness goals with simple instructions and overcoming any obstacles on the way.

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