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4 Reasons People Are Going Nuts for My Online Body Transformation Coaching!

I know – it’s a mine-field!

With all the health, fitness and nutrition information out there, the information surrounding fat and weight loss is perhaps the most confusing of all!

On one side of the spectrum we have the slightly sarcastic people spouting out the “just eat less and move more!” line.

And then we 360 degree that point of view….. and are faced with the finely tuned marketing machines ramming down our throats their  ‘fad diets you need to be on’, ‘the magic slimming pills you must be popping’ and the ‘shakes and juices which take you on a short-cut (to gut unhealth)’!

You see, working out the logic of weight loss can itself be a workout – or at least it used to be until GymWolfPT smashed onto the scene!

So, what makes my offerings so special?

Well – here are the four main reasons people are going absolutely crazy for GymWolfPT, recently named one of the top Virtual Personal Trainers

1. I Keep It Simple:

Perhaps the most frequent request a fitness professional will hear is  “just tell me what exercises to do and what to eat”.

We may think we want to be knowledgeable about health, fitness and nutrition and understand the workings behind it all…..but in reality the main thing we want are clear simple and proven instructions to follow.

At GymWolfPT I let my clients know, day-by-day, what to do, when to do it and how to do it!

And if for any reason it isn’t working, or isn’t feasible, we simply discuss it and come up with an alternative way to proceed and succeed!

NO drama…NO tantrums…NO hassle…NO ‘that’s not included’ – just solutions.

I’m your Coach – I work for you!

2. I Don’t Have A ‘Bot’ To Get Your Bot In Shape – I Do It:

Whilst I like to think GymWolfPT is ‘forward thinking’, ‘future proofed’ and progressive – I don’t have an army of robots working for me! (‘I-Robot’, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘Big Hero 6’ scared me a little too much!)

Likewise, I don’t have a team of ‘none fitness people’ sat at computers knocking out workout, diet and coaching plans to order!

There is one coach at GymWolfPT – ME!

When you purchase a program from me, that is what you get.

I review you, your information and your comments – and then personally set about the task of creating a plan that works best for you.

And, it’s me you contact, 24/7, to discuss anything!

3. I Make You A Promise:

You’ve tried things before, and they may have left you lacking trust in fitness professionals and the fitness industry in general.

  • the fad diets
  • the magic pills
  • the ‘off the shelf’ workout plans
  • the shakes and meals that taste disgusting, and leave you empty
  • the PT who doesn’t realise you have a life outside of the gym
  • the fitness celebrity who pushes a product to you, but doesn’t use it their self


Being fit and healthy isn’t supposed to be a punishment – it’s an enjoyable privilege when done correctly – and wow, do we do it correctly!

4. I Personalise It For The Only Person That Matters – YOU:

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to health and fitness!

With GymWolfPT I’ve created a set of core training solutions that will achieve your goal whether that is weight/fat loss, muscle build, tone-up or you want to become an elite athlete.

However, I’m not stupid – I know each and every person is a unique individual – and that the thing that benefit others might be different from what benefits you.

Succeeding in your health and fitness goal is much more than  just about the number on the scale or the inches around your waist.

It’s also about the energy you have, the mental focus you gain, the healthy gut you create and how you feel each and every day going forward.

Just take a look at the testimonials from GymWolfPT clients — sure, they talk about the fat and inches they’ve lost, but it’s how they now feel that has really driven a total transformation in their lives as well as their bodies.

That’s why GymWolfPT coaching is about more than just a short-term success or weight loss achievement.

It’s the catalyst that will ultimately see your body, mind and life thrive for not just a month or even a year – but forever!

To start your GymWolfPT journey, please email me at and I will be in touch with you shortly.

Yours In Fitness

Coach Ian Worthington

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