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18 Things I Wish I’d Known 18 Years Ago!

In my mid-twenties I was training ‘hard’ and thought I had all the ‘answers’ despite not knowing the ‘questions’ I should be asking!

I was a gym member and in the eyes of many of my family and friends,  seemed to know what I was doing.

However, if Doc ‘Brown’ walked in on me now and offered a ride back to 2003, here’s what I’d be telling my ‘past’ self about health, fitness and nutrition…

1) You Don’t Need A PERFECT Plan, But You Need A Plan…

Unless you are training for a very specific event or sport, any quality plan will start to get you results at the beginning. Don’t let the pursuit of perfection stop you making progress!

2) Diet Really Is The Most Important Thing…

If you want to feel, look and live better…clean up what you eat – it really is the key element!

3) One Missed Day Isn’t A Problem…

Once you have routine and a plan, it isn’t a crime if one workout is missed, or one day the healthy eating goes out the window. If this regularly drags on for a number of days/weeks, that can be a problem – but odd deviations really aren’t a big deal unless you let them become one!

4) Be Patient And Be Consistent…

No matter what ruthless fad diet and supplement advertisers will try to ‘force feed’ you – getting in shape takes time, dude!  Yes, you can see small changes over the course of a month to make sure that you’re headed in the right direction…but it really isn’t going to happen overnight. 12-Weeks is a good duration to start seeing decent changes.

5) Warm-up And Cool-Down – ALWAYS…

We know it, but few do it. Warm-up prior to exercising (light cardio followed by dynamic stretches / mobilisations) and cool-down afterwards (static stretches). This is not a ‘maybe’ or a ‘sometimes’ – it’s always a MUST!

6) Be Really Careful Who’s Advice You Take…

There are a lot of people out there ready to provide advice – much of which has very little validity to it. If you want to learn how to fix your car, you don’t ask your dentist. The same applies to health, fitness and nutrition. It’s not a ‘one fits all’ – so giving a respected and qualified fitness professional the information they need to provide the advise you need is key.

wrong advice

7) Do What You Enjoy – Not What Everyone Is Doing…

We are all different. If Carl is telling you doing Crossfit is a must – it isn’t. If Linda is telling you her ‘spin class’ is the only way – she’s wrong. If you like Corssfit and Spinning great, if you don’t – DON’T DO THEM!

8) Correct Form & Range Of Motion Is Much More Important Than Heavy Lifting…

Focus on form, increase weight/repetitions/duration by small amounts each week (progressive overload) and the gains will come. Never sacrifice form just for heavier weight! You could, and likely will, get injured.

9) Rest Days Are Crucial…

Your body needs time to recover after exercise – thus rest days are a MUST. And, if you were planning to workout today but you woke up and you feel absolutely crap, switch your rest day around and take it today! You are certainly not a failure for taking a rest day.

10) Always Put Safety Clips On Bars After Adding The Plates…

The amount of people I see who do NOT add safety clips is crazy. Yeh, you have got away with it in the past, but the one time that plate falls off you don’t wanted to be on the end of a barbell uppercut! I’ve seen it a number of times!

11) Workouts Don’t Always Need To Be An Hour Plus…

A 1o-minute HIIT workout is effective. A 1 kilometre run is effective. A 15-minute yoga session is effective. A 30-minute strength training session is effective. All that matters is you make the most of your time available and make sure the workout is pushing you!

12) Don’t Diet – Create A Sustainable Eating Style…

Various research and studies have proven that dieting does not result in long-term weight loss. On top of this, the more times you ‘start and stop’ a diet, the harder it will be for you to lose weight in the future. This is what wet refer to as  yo-yo dieting: starting a diet, stopping it a short while later, and then starting another diet.Focus on making changes that are sustainable for life, and bring into play ‘moderation’.

13) You Don’t Need All The Supplements…

I’m asked it all the time…”what supplements should I take?” Short answer? None are absolutely necessary. Longer answer? Supplements are seen as the ‘magic bullet’ in terms of losing weight and/or gaining muscle, but the reality is it’s the change in your lifestyle that gives you the most results!

14) Macros And The ‘Quality Of Food’ Does Matter…

The amount of carbs, fat, and protein (macros) you are eating can have a massive effect on your goals. You can also reach your goals faster by switching the percentages of  these little nuggets of nutrition.

15) Water, Water, Water…

Seriously, if some one asked me the easiest and most efficient adjustment you can make to your health RIGHT NOW, it’s to add more water on a daily basis.

16) Keep A Log Of Workouts…

It’s super easy to start a workout routine and get into a daily rut of doing the same thing every time you hit the gym. It seems one less thing we have to think about. You know it by heart and change can be hard. However, if you’re wondering why you don’t see progress or your body isn’t reacting fast enough, it’s most likely because you’re not tracking your workouts – and progressing them.

17) Increase Your Protein…

Consuming the right amount of protein has many health benefits including:

  • Better sleep patterns
  • Helps reduce calorie intake
  • Helps to repair and rebuild muscles
  • Increases overall daily calorie burn
  • Increases strength
  • Reduces time recovering from an injury
  • Increases your potential for fat loss
  • Good for your skin, hair, and cartilage
  • Makes hormones, enzymes, and other body chemicals

18) Goals & Rewards…

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely need a goal to be working towards. I need a light at the end of that tunnel. I like to know that if I keep on track and continue to push myself, there’s a reward for me at the end. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, but something that I can really look  forward to receiving.

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