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10 Easy Ways To Super-Charge Your Metabolism

Our Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical reactions happening on a daily basis within our bodies.

There are three main purposes to our metabolism, which are:

• the conversion of food into energy, which in-turn run our cellular processes.
• the conversion of food/fuel to building blocks for proteins, nucleic acids, lipids & certain carbohydrates.
• the elimination of nitrogenous waste substances.

Having a high metabolism results in your body burning energy from food at a faster rate, thus meaning that you require more energy from food in order to grow, build and develop.

Likewise, if you have a high metabolism you can eat more food without gaining unwanted weight…..however, it’s still super important to eat plenty of healthy and well balanced foods!

Don’t have a high metabolism???

No need to worry – having a super-charged metabolism is now well within your reach – keep reading…..

In this article I’ll be running through my favourite hacks to reset your metabolism and get it running the most efficiently it can!

By adding these simple metabolism hacks into your daily schedule, and keeping them there, will set you on the way to the body you’ve always dreamed of!

1) Water, Water, Water:

By drinking a large glass of cold water 5 to 15 minutes before each meal can help keep unwanted weight gain at bay.

Recent research has shown that by drinking cold water increases metabolic rate by as much as 4.5%.

2) Begin The Day With A Protein Blast:

You might feel like scoffing a large bowl of Frosties, a stack of syrup covered pancakes or jam on toast first thing in the morning, but that won’t help to kick-start your metabolism!

By starting your morning with a ‘protein rich’ breakfast, rather than a ‘carb rich’ one, will not only keep you feeling ‘fuller for longer’, but will also get your metabolism going faster!

protein breakfast

3) Hit The Weights:

Forget about the fat-burner pills, juices and shakes, and go hit the gym for an intense weightlifting session.

Without doubt, muscle building is one of the best ways to improve your metabolism as well as replacing your body fat with body muscle.

4) Sleep Is Sweet:

Whilst the overall calorie burn of sleeping is pretty low, it is super important you are getting adequate sleep on a daily basis.

Sleep deprivation, even minor, significantly increases the levels of cortisol found in our bodies. This hormone brings about fat storage, and thus slows down our metabolism.

5) Slim Down In The Sun:

Getting some early morning sunlight is a great way to boost your metabolism.

Going out for a pre-work run or walk could be just what you need to start dropping those unwanted pounds!

sunlight weight loss

6) Relax – Just Do It:

Being in a constant stressed state can have a huge effect on your metabolism.

When we get ‘stressed out’ our bodies increase the production of cortisol, which, as stated earlier, is responsible for fat storage within the body.

7) Make Your Tea Green:

Replacing your milky tea with green tea can help you suppress those thirst cravings you are probably mistaking for hunger.

The combination of antioxidants, catechin-polyphenols and caffeine in Green tea will boost your metabolism far more than your traditional ‘cuppa’!

green tea and weight loss

8) Fibre, Calcium and Probiotics – The Terrific Trio:

By adding these to your diet will have a big effect on your metabolism.

Fibre: Intake of fibre can cause significant changes to your intestinal microbiome, thus kick-starting your metabolism along the way to the tune of as much as 100 calories per day!
Calcium: Whilst I wouldn’t advice going over-board on dairy based foods, you can add plenty of metabolism boosting calcium by eating kale, spinach, nuts, and fatty fish.
Probiotics: Studies have found that the consumption of fermented foods is linked to a decrease in fat absorption and the onset of weight loss.

9) Hot Food:

Eating hot and spicy foods can seriously speed-up your metabolism.

Capsaicin, the ingredient which makes hot foods spicy, has been found to increase calorie burn without increasing blood pressure!

And if you don’t like hot/spicy foods try adding a little paprika to some of your dishes – as this contains Capsaicin.

10) High Intensity:

Add HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to your workouts.

HIIT has not only been proved to result in larger body fat loss than ‘steady-state cardio’, but also increased metabolic rate significantly.

As always, any questions fire them over.

Ian David Worthington

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